Stand Your Ground

Make Your Neighborhood a Riot-Free Zone!
Make Your Neighborhood a Riot-Free Zone!

Make Your Neighborhood a Riot-Free Zone!

Community is the true bedrock of civilization. A community is not something that is just living in the same zip code with someone or passing them as you walk into your apartment building, it is family. The sense of community of public service, shared responsibility, and a common goal is something that many of us have lost over the past two generations. Luckily that spirit seems to be recovering due to the increasingly grim times we live in. As things grow darker and darker the shine of toys and materialism grows dimmer while the organic bonds of kith and kin return to make a stand.

I have been following the George Zimmerman trial since the case was first reported. I am without a doubt that George Zimmerman did the only rational and sane thing a man could do while having his head driven into concrete and his face bashed in by a drug-addled criminal. He defended himself. For this crime of saving his own life, we sit and wait to see if he will lose his life due to political correctness and Liberal blood-lust. If however that justice is done and George Zimmerman is freed, we face what some are saying that America may “see some combat-related population control like we’ve not seen since the Civil War.” Police departments are on standby to await what could be a national reenactment of the 1992 LA Riots.

There were over fifty people killed in the LA riots, hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to property, and thousands hurt by the rampaging and looting mobs, and that was only in one city. The increased use of social media to organize black flash mobs has proved that a black race riot could spread to multiple cities across the United States and be far more effective at getting large numbers of youths and thugs into the streets. What we could be facing is a dedicated and organized group of black thugs who desire to get “Justice for Trayvon” by targeting white men and women for violence, looting white communities, and destroying the private property and homes of whites across the country. Conservative pundits such as Pat Buchanan and even Bill O’Reilly have discussed the chance of race riots erupting.

I have not looked at an organized response to this possibility. Now I have. Stand Your Ground USA looks like it is attempting to get the message out to folks that we will defend our communities and warn these potential looters against endangering our communities.

We're All Targets

We’re All Targets

The website to Stand Your Ground USA displays a sign of a Colonial Minuteman on a stop sign that says “Riot-Free Zone.” The website states that:

The Obama Administration and its loyal Mainstream Media are whipping America’s Black inner-city youths into a frenzy with race-baiting lies about the Zimmerman trial.

George Zimmerman stood his ground for his neighborhood, and we’re going to stand ours. Help us stop the violence by sending a clear message in your neighborhood that you will not tolerate riots, vandalism, or any other threats to your family and property.

Post this sign around your neighborhood in solidarity with the millions of Americans who will not sit down and shut up while angry mobs are incited against our loved ones.

The public is called to organize and say that we will not be victims hiding from the thugs who wish to do us harm. We will not cower in our community’s moment of need. If there are riots and our communities are endangered, I call all white advocates to stand together to ensure the safety and security of our folk. The Korean business owners did in the LA riots where they did armed patrols to secure their property and families, even engaging in gun battles with roving black mobs, and we must be willing to stand behind those who stand up. We must ensure that we follow the letter of the law and stand to be defensive groups, but we must not shy away from our duty to stand against those who would wish to do damage to our communities. From all throughout the United States, we should all work together to make sure that if the storm does come and threaten to envelop our homes, that once again we will serve as the vanguard to keep away the threats to those whom we hold so dear.

Stand your ground white America, the wolves are at the door. Make your neighborhood a Riot-Free Zone.

Update: Zimmerman is #NotGuilty and the Black community is boiling over. Pray for the best, prepare for the worst!

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Shelia Lynn

Thank You for the Info. Given all that has happened since the rendering of this Verdict. It is Crystal Clear that the Black Race/ along w/ the Current Administration is going to continue to promote this case as a Race Issue, this continuing to Escalate Harm to Innocent people everywhere and Civil Unrest growing in every State. I want to organize Rallies to Defend the Current Stand your Ground Law and to RESPECT THE VERDICT. ” We Will NO Longer Be Held Hostage by Racism”. The time has come for people to Take a Stand. Look up a case in Rochester NY, A man named Roderick Scott ( Black) shot and killed and Unarmed 17 yr old (WHITE) boy Christopher Cervini , Scott Claimed, ” Self Defense”. The Zimmerman Case and Roderick Case are almost Identical in every respect. Both Men were Neighborhood Watch, Both Men had Police Type Backgrounds, Both People claimed the YOUTH instigated assault, BOTH People shot, Both People Killed the YOUTH, Both People found INNOCENT of Manslaughter, BOTH ACQUITTED of all charges. Yet, Where is the Outrage when it was a WHITE BOY. ? There was not a DOJ Hotline set up for People to leave information about Roderick and Implicating him in any Racially Motivated Suggestions over the years. There was NO President Obama coming out, Stating it could have been Him. No Jackson, No Sharpton, NO Riots, NO Protest…. Here is a link to story, or Google it. This is simply Outrageous, and I fear we are heading to a Full Race War if people can’t open their eyes and see the all the facts here.

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