Playing with Snakes: The Life and Death of Tiffany Sams

We're Being Encircled
Corey Ladaun Brown

Corey Ladaun Brown

A woman who was beaten with a brick Thursday night in Oklahoma City died Friday morning, and her boyfriend was jailed on a murder complaint.

Tiffany Sams, 21, was pronounced dead Friday morning from injuries she suffered in the attack about 8:30 p.m. Thursday in the 800 block of SW 56.

Corey Ladaun Brown, 31, was arrested a short distance from where the attack occurred. Police said Brown chased Sams and beat her with a brick before running away. The two were believed to be in a relationship.

The news that a white woman was killed by her black boyfriend or husband is not new. Black-on-white muggings are a daily occurrence  and shootings by black gangbangers barely make it to page B-12,  The privileged white city dwellers cannot leave their protected Green Zones at night while our working class is hunted down and exploited by black gangs. An evaluation of FBI data, the yearly National Crime Victimization Survey, or a look at the local news cannot hide the fact that diversity is simply a racial suicide pact.

The list of victims in the war against our people grows every single day. Carjackings, robberies, rapes, theft, and every other despicable act from the darkest depths of the human psyche are regularly done against our folk. The closer white people are to non-white populations, the more at risk we are.

As the former writer for National Review, John Derbyshire, found out after his fantastic article The Talk: Nonblack Version came out, admitting the facts about black on white crime are a modern form of cultural heresy.  Anyone who dares to announce that the multicultural Emperor has no clothes is cast out like a leper, regardless  of  education level or former societal status.

It is astonishing to think that a mother will sooner warn her children about staying out of a wood pile in the rare chance that there is a copperhead snake lurking inside than to warn them about a group who daily victimizes our people.  Living side by side with black and Hispanic populations is simply accepting that every single year members of our folk will become victims. Like a farmer who leaves his flock defenseless as coyotes and wolves circle in the darkness, white men have abandoned their post as defenders of our people.

We're Being Encircled

In years past the white community would band together to defend the sanctity of white womanhood and the best interests of our folk. Rapists, child murderers, and habitual criminals were often dealt with by the  community in an organic expression of Biblical justice. Criminals, both white and nonwhite, knew that justice would be swift if they dared harm a member of the folk. There was no series of endless appeals, court lawyers, and the other trappings of the modern criminal justice system that seems more devoted to helping the criminal than to achieve justice for the victim.

Healthy white society made sure that a man who was caught raping a woman or hurting a child wouldn’t get a cot with three warm meals a day and television to watch, he got a rope and a real short fall. The position of a white man as the protector of his family and his folk has been replaced by generations of video gaming playing social rejects who spurn any responsibility for themselves and their people.

In a healthy white society, justice is swift and serves as a deterrent to criminals. The message of a true white society is that the centurions are on watch to protect kith and kin, the message of the modern poisoned society to men is “Pass the Cheetos.”

The natural desire to band together and defend the community has become problematic as our folk identity has been whittled away by the persecution of active pro-white organizations and a cleansing of cultural identity  by the media elites.  Instead of kith and kin, white men have been programmed to fight for their favorite sports team or political pundit. Any generation in history up to this point would look in disgust how our culture allows criminals to prowl the streets while those who are supposed to be on watch are doing picks for the latest Fantasy Football team.

Another of the crucial problems facing the folk is the push of individualism. Advocated for by the conservative and libertarian movements, people are told time and time again that they are simply individuals. The sense of community, of ethnic pride, and of dedication to something greater than yourself has been replaced with a hedonist culture crying “What about me?”

Former U.S President John F. Kennedy once remarked to the nation “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” In the modern era of libertarians and Fox News that statement would be called “Socialist!” and attacked . A sense of connection to the folk, our communities, and our families is natural. To be a part of a community one must give up some of their autonomy and be willing to sacrifice something for the greater good . This is how you have a relationship with others, and in order to subvert our culture the Jewish media moguls attack ethnic solidarity while Conservative, Inc. attacks any degree of Populist support within the folk to come together to advocate for our own best interests.

Our folk is built upon a series of interconnected relationships, blood, sacrifice, and a willingness to fight side-by-side with one another, not upon selfishness and greed.

The problem facing our people is spiritual. The tie between the folk has been rotted through the lure of materialism, the push of secularism, and the breakdown of the family. Our folk must unite, we must pull together, and men especially must answer their peoples’ call. We are not here to be served by women or to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. We are to be warriors, flawed but steadfast defenders of Faith, Folk, and Fatherland. If our people are to survive, we need more Charles Martels and a fewer Homer Simpsons.

If you see a white woman in danger, protect her. When you see white orphans or children who have been left behind by the capitalist American society we must donate our time and money to help them. Warriors are to be ferocious in the defense of their people, both on the battlefield and at home. Taking to the streets against our enemies, helping those in need, and realizing that we are all part of a united folk is the only path to victory. Remember our ancestors’ example, never leave a man behind.


Matt Minnich

I am in disbelief you seem to lay blame for this on conservatives. This is not the conservative mindset like you are portraying. The conservative mindset is individual responsibility. not living in total ignorance of anything and everything that goes on around you. This is not a political / ideological problem, this is a problem with many many things. I am sure many people are scared to get involved or intervene with the cries of racism at every turn, people being sued for anything and everything that even lacks a common sense arguement and winning. A person cannot stand up for what is right any longer without the fear or being publicly ridiculed, called racist, sued, name dragged through the mud, finger pointing, outright lying the list goes on and on. Society today has made it so if you get involved, if you stand up for whats right in the face of evil you will pay with everything you worked for or your life. If you want to turn this political whose policies have made that possible today? Not conservatives.

Paul Lovett

The dependence on law enforcement has eased the relegation of protecting to a professional government apparatus, which is compounded by the fear of litigious parasites who would not think twice of accusing a courageous man in defending his people from harm by framing it as a dispicable crime. The value of protecting the honor of our women has been corrupted by the feminist movement, which is a direct outgrowth of Cultural Marxism. We must uphold our chivalrous values no matter how antiquated they appear to the majority politically correct lemmings. Make no mistake; a modest surrendering of our culture leaves it vulnerable to effective attacks from the Cultural Marxists.


Yes, Mr. Lovett, and I think that some degree of cultural secession may be in order. So, to prevent against the indoctrination of Political Correctness, a traditionalist should stay abreast of his chosen conservative church social-circle, should have a good-sized amount of children, homeschool or religious school the children, network with other traditionalists…. etc.


So, Mr. Heimbach, you inconsistently travel from an anti-interventionist stance in your debut article “Born in the USA”, to one where you take a quote out of context from Pres. Kennedy who began the intervention in the Vietnam War… I say Kennedy’s socialism led to further globalism. Also, Pres. Kennedy buckled to “Saint” M.L.K.’s second-generation-marxism during the so-called Civil Rights movement. So, he might be feeling some flame in the afterlife… rather than being a good example of an American folk icon.

There’s a good podcast that captures some of the good advice presented, here, though. If anyone didn’t catch the last episode of the Tribal Theocrat podcast, go ahead and give a listen for how much emphasis the white South Africans put on their faith.


“how much emphasis the white South Africans put on their faith”

And look where it has gotten them. A defeated people, stripped of their government in a country they created, legally barred from many jobs, the victim of regular rapes and killings, and forced to hide out in certain areas constantly looking over their shoulders.

What a success their Protestant Christianity has been! If the Afrikaaners had been Muslim, or Hindu, or Shinto, or European tribalist, Afrikaaners would not be in this situation they now face. Black and Jewish communist leaders in South Africa have manipulated the Protestant church leaders with ease- ran circles around them. The Afrikaaner protestant churches have done nothing for the Afrikaaner people, except maybe to encourage the Afrikaaners to accept their destruction.

Matt Parrott


Muslims are rather Universalist themselves, Hinduism failed to preserve Whiteness so definitively that its Whiteness has been lost to the ages.

Christianity is playing a central role in the Orania project, a beacon of hope in South Africa, and it played a central role in preserving the Greek identity despite centuries of powerful pressure exerted against its preservation.

I’m certainly not saying that solving our temporal and tribal problem is as simple as accepting Christ, but the record of Christians on this topic is not nearly as problematic as you frame it to be.


“Craig” – you write:

“If the Afrikaaners had been Muslim, or Hindu, or Shinto, or European tribalist, Afrikaaners would not be in this situation they now face.”

This is pure speculation and not worthy of much response. To put a question to you – why haven’t you even addressed the glaring stumbling-block of organizing and implementing the enormous change of their identity?

No… no. You replied rashly and are trying to convince others of your dreamworld-fantasyland.


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