Mix It Up: Miscegenation and the Death of a Nation

A Superior German Shepherd Dog

A Superior German Shepherd DogMiscegenation is not a strength in society or in relationships. The mixing of different breeds in the animal kingdom is known for being a negative thing. Mixing a racing horse and a Clydesdale does not making a stronger race horse, it creates an odd mix that is not suited for either of the parents biological purposes. A Leftist advertisement against the American Kennel Club oddly enough displays the intellectual disconnect between those who study animals and our understanding of human breeding. The ad begins with a robed Klansmen asking the club’s organizer if they “believe in the sanctity of pure bloodlines, and breeding to achieve a master race?” Surprised the speaker at the podium replies “Well… master pedigree..” to which the Klansmen shrugs his shoulders and says “Race.. pedigree I mean that is just all semantics.” The fact is that this ad is entirely true…


We cannot acknowledge that different breeds of animals in the same species have different characteristics, intelligence, and other traits that are diluted or destroyed through interbreeding and yet claim the same isn’t true for humans. Interbreeding dilutes the blood and the uniqueness of a people, creating a breed of mutts.

In the court case Scott v. Sandford, Chief Justice Taney noted that: “Intermarriages between white persons and negroes or mulattoes were regarded as unnatural and immoral.”  Interracial relationships are bad for the folk, bad for our blood, but also bad for the individual. Interracial relationships have proved time and again to have disastrous consequences for the people in them. White women especially are far more likely to end up on a morgue slab than happily ever after. From physical violence, abandonment, being pimped out, to being murdered, white women are far more likely to be victimized by their black or Hispanic boyfriends or husbands than those who are involved in a traditional relationship between a white couple.

As traditional values are destroyed, deviant behavior is increasingly common. Homosexuality, child molestation, and miscegenation are increasing yearly as the former societal and cultural barriers are broken down. The rates of white and black relationships is up to record heights as “a new study finds evidence that racial barriers are coming down: between 1980 and 2008, the rate of interracial marriage between blacks and whites increased rapidly, even outpacing marriage between whites and other ethnic groups, including Asians, Hispanics and American Indians. In 1980, only 5% of black men married white women; in 2008, 14% did.” Ever increasing levels of miscegenation will continue as long as tradition and a folk identity is disregarded.

Higher levels of domestic violence, higher levels of divorce, drug abuse in the relationship, and abandonment are all the hallmarks of interracial relationships. For every happy and smiling interracial couple that the media promotes as the new American ideal, there are dozens that end in tragedy. Interracial relationships are bad for the folk, bad for the individuals involved, and destructive to their respective communities.

Tiffany Sims is just one of the most recent victims of this tragic state of affairs. The local media reported the story Tiffany “who was beaten with a brick Thursday night in Oklahoma City [and] died Friday morning, and her boyfriend was jailed on a murder complaint. Tiffany Sams, 21, was pronounced dead Friday morning from injuries she suffered in the attack about 8:30 p.m. Thursday in the 800 block of SW 56. Corey Ladaun Brown, 31, was arrested a short distance from where the attack occurred. Police said Brown chased Sams and beat her with a brick before running away.” The most tragic part of the Tiffany Sims story is that this is not unique, this is a common occurrence in interracial relationships.

Paving the Way to Unity

Paving the Way to Unity

The threat of miscegenation has almost always been low in healthy white societies. When the traditional family and organic folk ties were strong, only a minuscule number of white or black men and women would look outside of our race for a life partner. Generally history demonstrated that only geographic separation from large white populations, in the case of American mountain men and fur traders of the colonial period, or extreme circumstances, would lead to interracial marriage.

In healthy white societies the brother or father of a white woman would forbid interracial marriage and the community would ostracize those who betrayed the folk. This also was done in the black community in order to protect the integrity of black families. As modern groups like the Nation of Islam demonstrate, concern over racial purity is not simply a white issue, it is important to all groups who wish to maintain the characteristics of their people.

Societal and cultural controls helped maintain racial purity while the Church would refuse to bless these relationships. For all intents and purposes, interracial relationships were on the fringe of society alongside homosexual relationships, in the closet and out of sight. This all changed with the push of the “Civil Rights” movement.

The Civil Rights movement was not about winning civil rights for minority groups, it was about upending generations of tradition and diluting formerly homogeneous populations. While the brunt of the impact of the Civil Rights movement has been felt upon the white population, we must also look at the impact on the black community. Black Nationalist groups and social movements like the Nation of Islam are attacked alongside white advocates for simply advocating racial separation and maintaining racial purity.

The Civil Rights movement had a series of intended consequences which have broken apart the black community and made them increasingly pliable to the will of the globalists. The black middle class was wiped out with the ending of segregation as the entrepreneurs within the black community were put out of business by the larger white and Jewish owned businesses that were now available to black consumers. The black family has fallen to pieces as divorce and out of wedlock births has skyrocketed following the breakdown of traditional black communities.

Federal welfare is simply reparations by another name. It discourages black men from looking for work when they could make more money staying at home or on the street. Formerly powerful community organizations like Churches have now fallen into irrelevancy as black youth find more solace in Jewish produced rap albums that glorify drugs, murder, rape, and sex than the proud and upstanding leaders of the black community of only a few decades ago. For generations prior to the Civil Rights movement, the black and white communities were able to live separate from one another and work towards our own respective destinies. With the push of integration however, we have been forced together to create a volatile mixture of racial animosity and race mixing.

Rap music, black filmmakers, and other mass media outlets push the idea that black men should strive to have a white girlfriend or wife. This leaves black women in a precarious situation of being unable to find a black life partner and generally being abandoned by their black husband or boyfriend whenever he can find a non-black partner. White women are actually told to promote having out of race relations in order to “Fuck Racism” while black men are told that white women are the ideal. Miscegenation not only leads to a spread of sexually transmitted diseases into white communities, but breaks apart the traditional black family unit.

A sick collusion of government and entertainment perpetuate this crisis. Sweden’s government-sponsored video “Mix It Up” promotes miscegenation and the total breakdown of racial and national identity. Using sexually provocative images, a white man who appears to be a nationalist skinhead is shown being enticed by scantily-clad black women while the beautiful blonde girl has intercourse with a black man. A startlingly high and rising number of Swedish women have been raped by an immigrant, and many don’t survive these attacks . . . but the government would like you to believe it’s all a big casual joke.

This racial conflict and slow form of racial suicide through miscegenation however is all part of the plan. Time and time again the elites have been thwarted by homogeneous populations who were able to rally together around their symbols and people to fight the globalists agenda. The easiest way to ensure a total takeover by the New World Order is by destroying the elites’ biggest enemy, the folk. Not only the white folk, though: All racially homogeneous and tribalist peoples are a threat to the elites.

Any group calling for autonomy and sovereignty within their borders is viewed as an existential threat by the elites. The black community that worked specifically for their own best interests had to be destroyed in order to create a population which was subservient to the elites. Leaders like Malcolm X had to be silenced in order to use the black folk as foot soldiers in the globalists agenda. White liberals, black activists, and scores of other members of all different groups are all on the elites payroll in order to destroy their respective folk and their nations. Commander George Lincoln Rockwell understood this fact, which is why we openly advocated White Nationalists being allies with Black Nationalists. Speaking at Nation of Islam events and promoting Black Nationalists who advocated for stopping miscegenation and integration, Rockwell was able to establish a precedent of a truly separate and authentically equal environment of racial movements. Parallel movements working towards the same goal, racial preservation and cultural survival. Capitalist and Jewish masters use inflammatory rhetoric and mass media control to infiltrate communities and break down their societal bonds, only through rejecting their thirty pieces of silver and organizing a ferocious defense of the folk can we hope to defeat them.

White populations had to be destroyed through the breakdown of tradition, forced integration, and massive amounts of Third World immigration in order to disrupt the previously stable white nations. Free trade agreements hurt the white working class, but also have decimated the agricultural workers of Latin American nations, thus driving them to immigration to white countries to find work, thereby continuing the breakdown of racial and national identity and sovereignty. The libertarian dream of a world without borders is on its way, and that means an entire global population of slaves to these elites. Acknowledging the impact of these globalist plots upon other races does not make us any less staunch on the protection of our folk above all others, but it does open the door towards persuading other groups racial advocates towards turning their rage not against whites, but the capitalists and Jewish bankers who are the true threats to their people. Peaceful total racial separation is not only the answer towards white survival, it is the solution to all racial and ethnic strife around the globe. God separated us for a reason, it is better for all parties involved than this destructive policy of conflict and forced integration.



I was just reading the comments on a Yahoo article titled ‘Congratulations to Robert Griffin III, who married his college sweetheart (Photos)’.

Brian said: “I used to live close to an interracial couple…He was black and she was white and absolutely beautiful. They had huge fights the whole neighborhood could hear, I can remember feeling so bad for her because maybe she thought she had made a mistake, but was afraid to get out. I don’t know whatever happened to them (her) but I hope she got away from his abuse.”

Not Me said: “It’s just an in your face trophy. Every white woman that I have know that has dated a black man has been abused. Most were supporting these bums that had children with multiple women. They love to use guilt on these women I.E. they are racists unless they go out with them and screw them. It’s disgusting.

It seems that in this nation people are only able to look at black culture in 2 ways:

1. The most fantastic thing in the universe.
2. Victims”

White girls are very vulnerable to the miscegenation propaganda. We need to work harder to protect them.

Holt Sarsgaard

So, children who are the products of Ashkenazi Jews and Whites the products of Miscegenation as well? I have a cousin who is dating a Jew with blue eyes. I don’t know what to think about that.

Matt Parrott


Jews are genetically distinct, even when they have traits which are typically European.

Besides, it’s not exclusively a matter of genetics. A child brought into this world by a person of Christian heritage and a person of Jewish heritage is born with an incoherent–and arguably conflicting–identity. Personally, I even discourage international relationships within the same race.

Vic Maz

I’ll be the first to comment. Why does the Orthodox Church now bless interracial unions and therefore genocide. For example,, european men with mongoloids or european women with blacks? I don’t understand. Has orthodox been corrupted by the cultural marxist poison of multiculturalism? I find this highly disturbing and conclude that the orthodox church just might as well bless same sex marriages.


Jews prop up the modern catholic church to promote degeneracy.

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