Matthew Heimbach vs. Tim Wise on HuffPo Live

Tim Wise, Anti-White Hatemonger



There is no such thing as “reverse” discrimination or white privilege. Its an excuse for failure! Quit getting your GD degrees in Black studies


Tim Wise is just too crazy to argue with, but it is funny how they think that “more black men are in prison today than were enslaved” is an argument AGAINST white nationalism.

Walt Bialkowski

Dear Matt,
Thanks for your comments during the Tim Wise interview. I was rooting for you – thanks to my older, slow computer I wasn’t able to post comments while the show was in progress. You ‘wisely’ pointed out something that most people aren’t aware of – that Jews, though they may have white skin, are actually quite a different folk-group from white Gentiles. When a person, a group, or a people make the denial of Jesus Christ as the whole focus of their identity, they are inevitably used by the evil one for the promotion of his satanic agenda. For me, that explains the sad history of the Jewish people for the last 2000 years or so. This is why they, a ridiculously small portion of humanity, have been important agents in so many destructive movements over the centuries, even unto this day. Mr. E. Michael Jones has a whole book on this topic, ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit – and it’s impact on world history’. ( I wonder if you might consider adding that book to the summer reading list?) I find that if we focus too much on the politics, it becomes easy to lose sight of this fact – that, ultimately, we war not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. People who deny the Lord Jesus Christ and oppose the Christian Church, as Mr. Wise apparently does, end up on the wrong side of almost every issue, especially moral issues. As an obvious proof, I point to those who run film and television industries. With the virtual disappearance ot Christian monitoring agencies like the old Catholic ‘Legion of Decency’, the moguls of Hollywood have been free to denigrade our cultural and moral values as they see fit. It’s a very insidious spiritual/cultural poison disguised as entertainment, and if we imbibe too much of it, we begin to turn into something like the people who are producing it. It’s human psychology. We become what we behold, whether it be positive or negative.
In closing, Matt, I’m so proud of what you’ve done thus far, and I hope and pray you and others like you will continue to stand for Justice and the Truth against the likes of Tim Wise. You made a fine showing in a basically hostile environment. Please keep up the good work – and may God bless you in all your endeavors – 🙂


I like how Matt comes out throwing punches.

Also, it’s funny how the black professor named Dyson complains blacks don’t have enough power — right after saying he was tempted to cede all his talking time to Wise. HAHAHAHA. In all fairness to Dyson, Jews tend to make better political advocates with their higher average IQ, just as blacks tend to make better runningbacks with their greater degree of fast twitch muscle.

Tim Wise implies that every measure of success should end up being equal between the races. But because of biologically-determined differences in ability, this should not be the case…unless we should expect Dyson to want to do all of his own talking and more running backs to wear yarmulkes.


Blacks don’t actually have more fast twitch muscle fibers, its that they are more likely to have long tendons in their calves that give them an advantage in running.



Good for you! You did an excellent job. Notice how Timmy likes to say that you and Jared avoided the stop and frisk drug issues but would not address violent crime which is far more damaging to society. Tim Wise is a POS Poser! Copperhead indeed!


Yes, Mr. Heimbach did well. But, I wonder if he will get invited back after attacking Mr. Wise with such strength.

Also, Mr. Wise came back fairly well. That means that pro-whites must keep expositng anti-whites like him until the whole world knows that it is the anti-white mentality to push the hateful agenda of White Genocide and that everyone knows that “racist” is nothing but an anti-white smear, and that “anti-racist” is a code word for anti-white.


For 50 years and courting black people have seen themselves as victims and not opponents. Im gald Jew wish finally said that he was jewish it is about time. Some of what he say is true that i can agree with. The main thing Tim wise is preaching is victimization. He talks about white privilege so much but he himself benefits from what he speaks out against. He gets thousands of dollars to speak and is paid well by the media. Unless he has solutions and is not going to talk everybody is treated equal bs he is a enemy. This is why i like talking to white nationalist who tell how they really feel and dont bs. I hope i can get on post life to give evidene of blacks and white coming to together against one common enemy. Bottom line is Tim wise is a joke and im tried of people kissing his ass lol


this interview is unfair its like 6 against two and, Mr. Heimbach dint even get to finish his point once and they let MR. Wise talk for about 10 min then that other professor for about 10 min then final Mr. Heimbach for about 30 seconds then cut him off but anyhow MR. Heimback came out very intelligent despite there intent


Hey buddy, you don’t need to capitalize the “R” on “Mr.”…

Just a helpful hint… Thought I recognized you from Endgame Exotica!

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