Justice for Trayvon Riots, and the changing definition of white.

Zimmerman's Not Out of the Woods Just Yet

Zimmerman's Not Out of the Woods Just YetWhat it means to be white no longer has anything to do with race, heritage, or identity.

Look at the Zimmerman trial for proof of this.

Zimmerman was obviously “not white.” He probably self-identifies as Hispanic, or perhaps multiple ethnic identities.

Early reports of the “shooting of Trayvon Martin” identified the Zimmerman as a white male. The news reports changed over time, but the public’s perception of Zimmerman did not. To the whole world, Zimmerman is still, as Rachel Jeantel said, “a creepy ass cracka.”

Look at the (growing) number of twitter posts making death threats against Zimmerman. It’s not hard to find posts talking about “killing a cracka baby,” or “gon kill me a white guy” in revenge for the not guilty ruling.

So why are there out-of-context threats of violence against white people because of the actions of a non-white person? That’s easy, because now “white” means “having the power and protection of the law.”

Threats against white people because of the actions of another are more symbolic in this sense. White people are still at threat, well, anybody with “light complexion” really, but when the rioters lash out against white America they are actually lashing out against the law.

Zimmerman is seen as having “special” protection of the law, and as receiving some sort of special exception which is only afforded to white people.

Zimmerman was repeatedly identified as white in news reports, and various groups of people still believe that Zimmerman is a white man. The riotous and malcontent equate white people with the law, and by attacking white people– they are tearing down the lopsided law.

Moral of the story?  White people are universally recognized as being the law, and when the masses become upset with a controversial court ruling, and a “failure of the law,” then white people will be forced to pay.

Brace yourself.  “Revenge for Trayvon” killings are coming.


502 Wht and proud

If the ” blacks” want a war with the Whites they will get one. Them rioting just shows how low their IQ’s are. If the tables were turned and TM had killed GZ it would never had been in the news and would have been just another shooting. The President should never have spoke o this case. He proved to America that he favors blacks over whites when he said TM could have been his son. It is sad that we have a President who is racist.


Duh…where have you been? The revenge murders and attacks have been taking place since shortly after the media got wind of this story and spun it into a White on Black racial murder simply because they saw the name Zimmerman. Love how they quickly created the term “White Hispanic” when the media realized he is indeed Latino and darker in complexion. I’m a Latina so I know what I am speaking about here. Where is the outrage for Joshua Chellew? Not sure who he is? Gee, I wonder why? The media only cares to stir the racial pot in this country to distract us all from what is really going on in our nation.

Patrick Sandoval

Zimmerman’s at least half “white” and he’s fairly light complexioned, so calling him white isn’t a huge stretch. When the media starts calling Asian people “white” then your theory might have some validity.

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