Matthew Heimbach Speaking at American Freedom Party Conference

Traditionalist Youth Hour

Heimbach sets the room on fire, offering an inspiring roadmap for the future and provoking a standing ovation…


Leslie H. Higgins

I salute Dr. Paul’s devotion to liberty. Indeed, I voted for him twice. But in the end, he, too, is a liberal ideologue, just of the “classical” variety. Free enterprise has strong roots in the West, which is not as suited to socialism as the Far East, where centralized government has been a mainstay for all of history. But capitalism is another Enlightenment relic like rationalism and egalitarianism that we, as Traditionalists, should reject out of hand in favor of an economics that protects consumers from fraud and attempts to ensure native workers a living wage.

Leslie H. Higgins

One of your finest orations Mr. Heimbach, though to be fair I think that every time I hear you.

You’ve been on quite the speaking tour of late. Local Republican clubs, CofCC, AFP, and many others I’ve forgotten. It always gladdens me to see you capture a crowd’s interest in every location. Good slogan too… I’ll be posting that one daily from now on.

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