Cold War II: Putin, Obama, and the Generational Inversion of Geopolitics

Putin vs. The Oligarchs
Putin vs. The Oligarchs

Putin vs. The Oligarchs

Russia has once again proven itself to be at the forefront of the defense of Western civilization. In the midst of a rising tide of secularism and moral cowardice, Eastern Europe with Russia at the lead is fighting against the globalists plans. The famous battle of the capitalist West and the Communist East has insulated Eastern Europe from the poison of the West. While America and Western Europe are praying at the altar of capitalism and multiculturalism, Eastern Europe is bucking the trend and staying true to Faith, folk, and Fatherland. While Obama is a tool of the globalists, President Putin is a steward of his people and his culture.

The globalists had a chance to seize Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed. Communism had oppressed the people and the Church for generations while weakening folk identity. The lure of easy money, corruption, Western lack of morality, and the intoxicating aroma of materialism had a chance to engulf Eastern Europe. Deprivation of food, medicine, entertainment, and luxury goods at the hands of the communists for so many years left the populace vulnerable to the newly empowered economic oligarchs. The early 1990’s would be a make or break for the survival of the Russian people. The fight of tradition and folk versus globalism and capitalism was underway, and the winner would capture the soul of the Russian people.

Those in control of the financial resources of a nation always have disproportionate control over the democratic process. One of the flaws of democracy or representative republics is that money inevitably can buy access to political control. Ideas and ideology become irrelevant if one side can simply outspend their opponents. The Russian oligarchs were a group of extremely rich Russians, many of them Jewish, who made their wealth throughout the Soviet era through the illegal importation of goods and government corruption. Investing their money to buy larger and larger pieces of major businesses, by the fall of the Soviet Union, the oligarchs controlled a massive percentage of the Russian economy. These oligarchs were strong proponents of economic liberalization, trade agreements with the West, and promoting the destruction of the traditional Orthodox faith. Oligarchs thought Russia was open for business to the capitalist West to be looted and raped like every other nation on the planet, Vladimir Putin had other ideas.

From his rise to power from the KGB to the Presidency of Russia in 2004, 2008, and 2012, Putin has been a staunch defender of Christendom and the Russian people. Within months of assuming office, Putin had the oligarchs on the run. He offered the capitalists a clear choice, you can continue to be wealthy but help the Russian people or you would face the consequences. Many oligarchs fled Russia to Israel or the West, but some decided to stay and fight President Putin. Through propping up opposition political parties and dissident groups like Femen, the oligarchs had hoped to destabilize Russia and gain popular support, just like the Jewish communists did in 1917. What the oligarchs had not counted on, however, was the strength of the Orthodox faith and the belief of the Russian people in themselves.

Russian nationalist groups, skinheads, white nationalists, and devout Orthodox Christians have all united behind President Putin in rejecting the immoral behavior promoted by the capitalists. The West and America’s view on sodomites and racial destruction is irrelevant to the Russian people and President Putin. Under the rule of Russian nationalists, government programs to increase white Russian births are underway, Islamic rebels in Chechnya are being kept under control, and the Orthodox faith is being promoted. President Putin and the Russian people reject the Leftist and egalitarian views of the West, and are willing to fight for tradition and folk.

The most recent showdown is over the push of homosexual propaganda to the youth of Russia. While in America we teach sodomy and other degenerate behaviors to our youth, Russia is fighting back. The Orthodox Church, racial nationalists, and the Presidency are all united in the defense of folk and tradition. Homosexuality and Leftist egalitarianism will not find a home in Russia.

The Russian Duma, Russian public, and President Putin have all pushed against the initiatives to destroy traditional Russian civilization. Kicking the oligarchs out of Russia, uplifting the Orthodox faith, and encouraging white birth has all put Russia on the path towards national survival. Even members of the Russian Communist Party have voted against the Leftist incursions into Russia. Compare the fact that modern Republicans are less socially conservative than the Russian Communist Party truly shows the difference between East and West. President Putin has recently “signed into law a bill punishing people for homosexual ‘propaganda’, an official publication showed Sunday, in a move critics fear will fuel hate crimes. In another controversial step, Putin also signed a bill imposing jail terms and fines on those who offend religious believers, seen as a response to last year’s anti-Putin stunt by the punk band Pussy Riot in a Moscow cathedral.”

This measure has been supported by the elected officials of Russia and the people of Russia. This past weekend a group of sodomites and their supporters were arrested and attacked by the righteous nationalist defenders of tradition. Fox News reports that “Dozens of people were arrested during a gay pride rally in St. Petersburg, Russia on Saturday as gay rights supporters clashed with anti-gay Russian nationalists. The rally itself was declared illegal under a new Russian statute forbidding ‘gay propaganda.’ Anti-gay protesters chanted homophobic slogans and threw rocks and eggs at the approximately 40 gay rights activists who were rallying in a public space.” While America is enshrining sodomite marriage into the Federal government, the people of Europe are thoroughly rejecting the Western incursions into their nation.

Russia is at the forefront of defending the heroic President Assad of Syria, fighting Western incursion into Eastern Europe, and stopping the homosexual agenda. When comparing the actions if the spying and murdering President Barack Obama, I would far rather swear allegiance to President Putin and to Mother Russia. The sleeping bear is awakening, and she has no tolerance for the Jewish controlled American system. Globalists should fear him, nationalists should love him, and patriots should honor him. President Vladimir Putin is a hero and he is united at stopping the globalists, that sounds mighty fine in my book.



There’s too much anti-capitalism and Russo-philia for this article to be of any use…

What’s next, introducing the Hammer and Sickle as T.Y.N.’s new alternative logo?


Russo-philia? How can you not appreciate what Russia is doing to defend her people and way of life? Sure the article is a little heavy handed, and we shouldn’t be fawning over Russia, but we should follow their lead.


No… it’s too early to be following them. They need to stay on the right path for several more decades before they are to be trusted. Don’t forget that Moscow was the headquarters of an atheist, control economy government only 20 years ago. It’s very conceivable that Russia could lapse back to Communism if and when the West starts bottoming out. I still, on occasion, pray that they won’t, and I’d like to see more Protestant Christians in that country.

Matt Parrott


Don’t forget that Moscow was the headquarters of an atheist, control economy government only 20 years ago.

I find their rapid reversal something to study and cautiously attempt to emulate. Nobody here is an agent of Russian propaganda. Please reference my ongoing discussion and debate with Dugin. Most importantly, we’re not Russians, and we can’t simply graft the Russian solution directly onto our American problem.

As far as your concerns about capitalism, it appears we’re in irreconcilable disagreement on that. I see Global Capitalism and Global Communism as two sides of the same mercantile and economic-reductionist coin. Since there’s not really any Global Communism left to rail against, I won’t be railing against it that much. But be assured that my contempt for Global Capitalism is not Marxist in origin, but aligned with Father Coughlin, Julius Evola, and others in the Radical Traditionalist tradition.


Matthew Heimbach,

Respectfully, I think you need to take a much closer look at Putin’s record. For example, at the same time Putin recently signed the propaganda law, he increased penalties for incitement (hate speech) by ethnic Russians and Orthodox against non-Russians and Islam. Putin is pro-immigration, pro-Islam and arguably pro-globalist (a Russian-oriented version of it). In short, Putin is anti-Russian.


With all of the kill-joys aside, I think it’s encouraging to see what Putin has done. Like most world leaders he’s been letting the jews grease his palms, but I suspect that it has more to do with “playing the game” than running an “anti-Russian” program behind the scenes.

Even if he is “anti-Russian,” his programs have done more for the traditionalist and nationalist lifestyle than anything else in recent years. I don’t want to start a “lesser or two evils” argument, but if you want to stand in support of a trend or precedent, Putin is the kind of politician that we need more of.


But is he though? The fact that Putin cloaks himself in a veneer of nationalism on select issues, OR that American-Western media describe him as a dreaded “nationalist,” doesn’t make him one. As recently as the other day, Putin said White Americans carried out the worst ethnic cleansing in history using anti-White rhetoric that could have come straight from SPLC. He’s no friend of ethnic Russian Slavs or white folks in general.

jenny jay

i like that putin is not wishy washy and stands his ground and he is very nice looking kind eyes but yet firm. he is a leader.he has rules and they are to be followed and at least know and nothing to wonder as you know what to exspect.this i find very nice and i like this man. he is not one to tick off or you might want to rethink it if you do.but hey he is a leader. i lke this man.

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