Modernity and the “You Go, Girl!” Mentality

You Go Girl? Modern Women Aren't Going Anywhere...
You Go Girl? Modern Women Aren't Going Anywhere...

You Go Girl? Modern Women Aren’t Going Anywhere…

Return of Kings is misguided and mean-spirited, mistaking one problem within Modernity (feminism) for the problem and mistaking doubling down on decadence (elbowing in on the orgy) as the solution. That being said, the discriminating reader can find intelligent discussion there, especially in their critiques of the excesses and effects of feminism and in their attempts to revive manliness. As I’ve written elsewhere, my problem with the manosphere is that it doesn’t go far enough.

Our goal (as men) isn’t merely reasserting our social dominance in the manner of the much-vaunted nihilistic and parasitical “alpha”, but of reasserting our ownership of the entire community: patriarchy. This starts with the wife and family, and grows from there. Authentic, sustainable, and traditional patriarchy necessarily entails compassion for and stewardship of our women (in addition to our sons and daughters, communities, and tribes). Women have an instinctive and healthy attraction to leaders of men, and will settle for arrogant cads before they’ll settle for spineless whiners. But if given the option, they’ll choose authentic leaders of men, genuine “alpha” males. This is a social status which is earned, not which can be achieved by standing like Captain Morgan and dropping negs.

All that aside, the recent article, Yo-Go-Girlism is More Toxic than Feminism, nails it. The “You Go Girl!” mantra and mentality is far more pervasive and poisons far more women than the academic dogma of feminism. Most American women who roll their eyes at the androgynous harpies peddling gender theory unwittingly embrace the consequences of gender theory. She strives to be strong and productive rather than gentle and nurturing, implicitly adopting male performance metrics. She insists that she’s beautiful, implicitly endorsing material metrics of esteem. She cultivates and develops her self-esteem, implicitly presuming that one’s self-worth is an arbitrary and subjective matter, rather than a measure of one’s embodiment of and service of higher ideals.

Being a Corporate Drone is Beneath Women

Being a Corporate Drone is Beneath Women

In all socio-cultural phenomena, there are three dimensions of the ideal: the esoteric, the academic, and the vulgar. You Go Girl! is the vulgar dimension of feminism, which is the female-directed academic dimension of Modernity. We Radical Traditionalists sound pretty esoteric when we rail against something as abstract as “Modernity”, but Modernity is a very real phenomenon with its tentacles wriggling into every class, culture, and context in our society. Put simply and accessibly, Modernity is the denial of the Transcendent, or the “Death of God”. It can take centuries for the denial of anything greater than one’s personal whims and urges to trickle down through all the academic disciplines, and even longer for these patterns of thinking to find a voice in the folk, but we’ve been circling the drain for centuries at this point.

The noble and courageous country gentlemen who enshrined “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” never imagined their experiment devolving into an abysmal farce of serial abortionists, masturbation parties, and children being instructed on the mechanics and virtues of homosexuality by government-owned schools. But when you don’t esoterically peg the human spirit to anything above it, the human spirit can only writhe, wriggle, turn in on itself, and slither deeper and deeper into the abyss of nihilism until either the error is corrected or pre-civilized barbarians put us all out of our misery.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness seem benign enough. It’s not. In fact, that’s the polar opposite of the transcendent virtues of martyrdom, discipline, and selfless sacrifice. Tens of millions of American children are growing up in poverty and in broken homes because their parents walked away from “unhappy marriages” in pursuit of happiness. Tens of millions of unborn children have been stomped to death by America’s march toward greater and greater “liberty”.

Ironically, we have less “life” than ever before, refusing to breed for fear of offspring impeding our selfish goals. Our “liberty” is being lost one compromise at a time with the pragmatic necessity of keeping this chaotic and licentious powder keg from exploding. The funny thing about happiness is that the harder you try to pursue it, the more elusive it proves to be, a truism which resonates for individuals and civilizations alike. Americans are more miserable and depressed than ever, despite drowning in a ball pit of vibrating pleasure contraptions and happy pills. By its own stated metrics, the United States of America is a grotesque failure. By the timeless metrics, it’s downright evil.

The whole thing’s not working, and it’s time to envision a post-American future. Feminism’s not the root cause and aggressive women aren’t the primary problem. It’s unfair to single out sassy young “You go, girl!” women for opprobrium, as Western men and women of all ages are uniformly affected by the myriad manifestations of Modernity. As manosphere essayists have already explained, whatever privilege and power attractive young women may enjoy during their fertile years indelibly leads to a barren and lonely maturity, lacking in the grace and maturity which makes aging women such indispensable pillars of traditional communities.

Traditionalist Youth Network differs from the racialist, anti-feminist, anti-abortion, and anti-liberal projects which only prune the branches of Modernity. We strike at the root, promoting a systematic and revolutionary rejection of decadence in all its vulgar, academic, and esoteric dimensions. We’re not merely a political lobbying project. We’re not merely a philosophical blog. Our goal is mentoring and raising up a new generation of both men and women with the timeless and transcendent character, discipline, and values necessary to fight and win in the struggle for tribe and tradition.

Les Antigones: Models...of Resistance

Les Antigones: Models…of Resistance



Nicely done, Mr. Parrot. It makes sense to compare the different philosophies of the current revolution, especially when the differences are so apparent.

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