Traditionalist Youth Hour: Interview of Orthodox Mike

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Well, I wish more people would get into traditional Anglicanism. It’s best when you can keep your W. A. S. P. identity.

I realize that Eastern Orthodox is nice for people who don’t have experience with wonderful Protestant liturgies and aesthetics. I also believe that low church religious practices, something that could be considered Reformed Protestant, are more suited for rural areas where people try to avoid being considered ostentatious. In the cities though, high church is the best, and pilgrims are drawn to cathedrals and their artwork. Also, fasting is an important discipline… something that a lot of preachers hardly touch outside the liturgically oriented churches.

So there are some strengths to Eastern Orthodox, liturgies, art work (iconography), and demanding disciplines like fasting… but most people who aren’t looking to take chances with their cultural temperament aren’t going to go for it. Eastern Orthodox seems too passive. (Just look at how the Bolsheviks subverted them, Byzantium fell while the Moors were pushed out of Roman Catholic Spain.)


First of all, I suggest you read this well written article, as to your “passive” comment (which I sort of take as an insult):

I appreciate your opinion, and how you wish to walk in the footsteps of your “WASP” ancestors, but did you know, your “WASP” ancestors used to be Orthodox prior to the Norman Conquest of 1066? There is nothing saying that Orthodoxy – i.e. the original Church – has to be Russian or Greek.

And shame on you for comparing the fall of Byzantium – the longest running Empire of all of Europe’s history, lasting 1000 years – with the Moors getting expelled from Spain! It is apples and oranges. As to the sad chapter of Bolshevik subjugation, thankfully it only lasted 70 years. Do we really have room to talk in our “Anglo America” when we have been getting subverted since 1865 and our people just absolutely love to have it so??

Gustaf George


You are entitled to your opinion but my guess is that it is mostly based on sentimentality. It was very hard for me to break away from my protestant background too, but I had to, and I certainly don’t regret it.

I suppose it is possible to prefer the aesthetics of anglicanism to the various orthodox rites, but again, I don’t really think you’ve done much research. There are simple, rural churches and monasteries, just as there are splendid cathedrals, there is African Orthodoxy, Russian, Arabic and even Western how much of this have you even taken the time to read about?

Your last paragraph is just absurd.

But the biggest reason of all to be orthodox is of course that that is the original, that is truly the faith of our forefathers (most, if not all, European countries received Orthodox Christianity and only later fell into heresy).


I would also like to point out that Dugin once said we need to use the symbols of Tradition to combat post-Modernism. Orthodoxy as Matt said has not been subverted and prior to the Schism ALL of Europe was Orthodox, Arthur being pre-schism would have de facto been Orthodox. Our people here in America are descendent primarily from the Germanic Lands they are our root and our root is Orthodoxy. Western Orthodoxy is not alien to Americans, but Americans are alien to Western Orthodoxy. It is our duty to wake them up and return to their heritage and the Lord’s Church. With Excalibur in our hands we will succeed.

Besides, we live in a society where white youth act like they’re black, people think their animals (furries,) and let’s not forget the transgender creeps. Let’s not forget the Orthodox journal Death to the World which had 50,000 subscribers at its peak. There was a Pentecostal church in Texas that decided to let women give services and that Church collapsed because all of its members fled to the Orthodoxy, the Orthodox church is the fastest growing denomination in America. There is no “American identity” there is no “Americanism” the white folk in our nation are craving for a real identity and the Christians want to find the Lord’s Church. Orthodoxy has great potential and it has resisted Jewish subversion for 1700 years.


Oh yea, it’s not like the Orthodox Church is the last true Remnant of Western Civilization next to the Traditionalist Catholics…


And as far as “bolshevik subversion” Yes the Patriarch of Moscow was installed by the Soviet Regime, but the real Church existed albeit, underground.

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