The Zimmerman Trial: A Civil Rights Lynching

One Black Thug

One Black ThugThe trial of George Zimmerman is a travesty of justice. I cannot refer to the trial as a lynching, considering that most lynchings that occurred in Dixie were done with just cause, as exemplified in the proper execution of the Jewish child rapist and murderer Leo Frank by the citizenry of Georgia.

What is being pushed by the Leftist media and elites is a clearly designed attempt to turn a thuggish and brutal criminal into a Saint, while demonizing a man who by all standards of “American” society should be the ideal. While countless numbers of our folkish brothers and sisters languish in prison cells and we all must bear the slings and arrows of the forces of darkness for our love of our people, the Left seems to have overreached on the case of Trayvon Martin, and the chickens are coming home to roost.

The media jumped on the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman because at first glance it seemed like a home run to the Left. As reports first came out about the case, like sharks who smelled blood, the media swarmed.

The media portrayed the story in their framework before actually examining any of the evidence. On radio, internet, and television the media told us a story of a guy with a white sounding name who went on a vigilante murder spree that left a poor and defenseless black child dead in the gutter. This obviously was racist, it was a modern day case of Emmett Till, and we must have justice! George Zimmerman was probably a local Republican who secretly burned crosses in his time off, while Trayvon was a budding scholar who was cut down in the prime of his life by a murderer, who probably was still upset over Obama’s election. This narrative had the potential to give the Left a bully club to attack gun rights, Stand Your Ground laws, white people (as usual), and the whole host of other Leftist initiatives. The problem with the Left’s story was fundamental, the narrative wasn’t true in the slightest, and from the beginning, things began to unravel.

The first hole in the Left’s narrative about the case was the fact that George Zimmerman wasn’t white. The calls of a “hate crime” began to seem a bit foolish. While actual ethnic cleansing between black and Hispanic groups is occurring in California as witnessed in the Hawaiian Gardens gang case, that does not fit the media framework of racially motivated violence. George Zimmerman had black ancestors, was himself a mixed Hispanic, and was definitely not the white supremacist the media had been hoping for.

The mainstream media decided to create a new racial group “White-Hispanic” but that quickly floundered. The foundation of the Left’s narrative, a racially motivated hate crime, was a foundation built on sand. While the New Black Panther Party marched in the streets demanding Zimmerman’s capture, classic race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton cried crocodile tears on television, and the black community was in a frenzy over another slain martyr in the never ending battle against “Amerikkka”, it seemed profoundly hollow. The facts just weren’t there, and America knew it.

Alongside the attempt to make the undeniably non white George Zimmerman into an Aryan ubermensch, the media began to portray Trayvon as being a young innocent child. Using pictures from years prior to the incident, the world grieved over photos of an adorable young black boy. The media of course forgot to mention that Trayvon at the time of his attack on George Zimmerman, was 6’2, a football player, and a wannabe gangster. Photos he posted online flashing gang signs and other classic thug behavior were hidden from the public until members of the alternative media, like the Council of Conservative Citizens Kyle Rogers, broke the photos to the public.

Trayvon’s social media messages about drug usage, partying, guns, and crime all undid the narrative of an innocent young High School student. Trayvon’s trouble in school, drug possession, possession of burglar tools, suspensions, suspected criminal activities, and frequent instances of getting into both legal and school trouble all indicated that Trayvon was far from the angelic picture the media presented of him.

The pictures of George Zimmerman’s bloody and bruised body following the altercation with Trayvon only cemented that this was not a vigilante killing of an innocent child, but a man’s struggle against a violent and habitual criminal.

Through social media websites and alternative media outlets, the narrative of young innocent Trayvon was torn apart. When pictures of a bloody and bruised George Zimmerman that were taken moments after the shooting were released , it effectively ended the crusade of the media and renowned anti white activists like Al Sharpton. No amount of crocodile tears and candlelight vigils can hide the fact that Trayvon was a street thug who ended up on the wrong side of a gun, not a victim.

The witness statements that confirm that Trayvon was on top of George Zimmerman and beating him, the coroner reports that show the busted knuckles of Trayvon that were consistent with what happens when you beat another person, grass stains on Zimmerman’s clothing, and the close range in which Zimmerman shot Trayvon all confirm Zimmerman’s story, but now it was too late to stop the circus that the media had created.

Due to public outcry, not wrongdoing, George Zimmerman was charged with murder. As farcical as the charges are, they have nothing on the trial. Personally I could not have scripted a more blatant travesty of justice if I tried. The trials held by the deranged Jonathan Crane in the film The Dark Knight Rises actually had fairer charges towards the elite of Gotham City than what George Zimmerman is facing.

In the face of clear evidence, the mob has been able to get the trial that it called for. The autopsy, photos, and witnesses all confirm that this trial should not be happening in the first place. The greatest witness (and most entertaining) is the prosecution’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel, deserves her own reality show. Besides uttering multiple racial slurs in court, defending hating white people because of her culture, being unable to read, bragging online about frequent drug use, and about every other black stereotype, she has been the defense’s best witness, albeit accidentally.

The laughable witness is a few I.Q points short of functional and has been obviously coached by the prosecution. All of this is for naught due to the wise words of Forrest Gump’s mother “Stupid is as stupid does.” This trial was over before it began.

As the George Zimmerman trial continues, it is becoming increasingly clear that he should be acquitted. The only thing that would cause his conviction would be if the jurors are threatened or they are totally blind. The black community is preparing for the possibility of his acquittal however, by preparing to kill white people.

Preparing to riot is the proper response to things happening that you dislike, apparently. The black community is preparing for their own miniature RaHoWa. I remember clearly the time that my class in High School got a bad grade on a test and we proceeded to light our houses on fire and break into local businesses. This all seems like the rational and mature thing to do by all accounts. All jokes aside, white people seem to be unable to understand the almost animalistic reactions of the black community. While the conservative media tries to bring out facts, figures, and arguments, the black community remains united in defense of one of their fallen. This strength of racial solidarity is something white people should learn from, not insult. Voting white, rallying around white people, and rioting when our people are harmed would be far more effective than a million letters to the editor or confused conservative articles.

Tweets by the thousands, public declarations, and flash mob violence all show that there is a strong possibility that this court decision will be the same as what L.A saw in the early 1990’s As conservatives get a good dose of fake indignation, the real world realizes that tribalism is going to determine the future, not reality. The black community has firmly rallied around Trayvon and they will not budge. He is one of theirs, and they will get their pound of flesh, either through the court system or through rioting. If white folks had a tenth of the racial solidarity that blacks do, we would have put every ghetto and barrio to the torch a long time ago in revenge for the relentless assaults upon our people by the non white communities

.A tit for tat is what the black community believes in, and that is exactly what whites should embrace. For every white woman raped, home invasion, or murder by non whites, we should exact a revenge so harsh that it would make a Soviet commissar blush. Non whites do not respond to reason, they respond to strength and action. We should take a lesson from the black community, from Al Sharpton to riots. The black community sticks together and fights together, that is what we need more of. Racial solidarity is why we are facing a series of race riots if George Zimmerman is found innocent, and we must be prepared.

The next Watts race riot could be headed to a city near you, all because a black thug got exactly what he deserved. If this is 21st century America, only a crazy person would want to live here.


Paul Lovett

The Left may have overplayed its hand, but the solidarity behind this young dead thug is impervious to rational dialogue as it is based on tribalism which, when awakened, is like a runaway train that must run its course. Our response must be to preserve law and order- and to punish all wrongdoers who find an excuse to express their criminal tendencies under the cover of protest over a just verdict on Zimmerman.


Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.


I’ve been watching the trial. I love Zimmerman’s lawyer Don West. A real virtuoso. The pro-Trayvon side hates him. They flipped out over a picture of West and his two blonde daughters eating ice cream.


Pull up and read about the Carr brothers – 2 black brothers who raped, tortured, and murdered either 4 or 5 white young adults. One of them lived thru the nightmare and helped bring these 2 thugs to justice. But unless you lived in the Wichita, Kansas area —– you never heard about it. Unlike this story where the blacks will riot, loot, burn, pull innocent people from vehicles and beat them up.


Matthew how tough would you Caucasoids be if black people weren’t only 10% of the population but the majority in America like you Caucasoids are? Not very I gurantee.

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