Syria’s Business

Opinion polls leading up to our imminent invasion of Syria confirm that the public mood is sour on bogging ourselves down in yet another Middle Eastern bloodbath. Bill Clinton scolded Obama for his tepid and hesitant effort to sell the conflict, as if the real issue were whether or not he’s a “total wuss.” For all Clinton’s deceptively folksy bullshit and childish taunts, the deep politics behind his remarks are serious business, and his public rebuke of the President is indicative of a contentious struggle within the inner party.

According to Clinton’s framing, Obama knows that escalating our already profound involvement in this civil war is obviously the right thing to do, but he’s just too cowardly to defy those ignorant American voters. Given Obama’s back-story, motives, and track record, the more likely dynamic is one of Barack Obama pushing back as much as possible against the Jewish and globalist oligarchy’s schemes. I agree with President Clinton that Obama’s a total wuss, but only for his failure to truly stand up to President Clinton and his cronies, not the American people.

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