Paleo Poetry

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In the future I will probably be posting more, but right now I have a couple different summer projects going on at once – so I would just like to share with you some quotes of what I like to call “Paleo Poetry”. I do hope you will find them as inspiring as I do.

Paleoconservatives did an enormous service in the 1980s when they kept the neoconservatives from swallowing up entire the intellectual and political Right. They had performed something roughly analogous to what the Christians in Asturias and Old Castile had done in the eighth and ninth centuries, when they had whittled away at Muslim control of the Iberian Peninsula. But unlike the rulers of Castile and Aragon, the paleos never succeeded in getting the needed resources to win back lost ground. Unlike the medieval Spanish monarchs, they also didn’t have the space of several centuries in which to realize their goals.

Depression is, of course, understandable, given horrible state of things in the modern West. But it’s a fine line to walk, particularly since most normal people are not galvanized by defeat.

Call me naïve, but I actually love America. America is not South Africa yet. We’re Texians at the Alamo, not Confederates at Gettysburg.

I once spoke to a former Republican Congressional Chief-of-Staff about the future of American politics. The discussion had started over racial issues. The Chief-of-Staff grinned and said these things can’t be discussed—but that my demographic pessimism may prove correct. He said: “I’m a short term optimist and a long term pessimist.”

This is the strategic outlook of a dying movement, where tactical cleverness and intellectual sophistry are used to conceal long term decline. It’s a movement of people who watch House of Cards without irony, but are scared to mention “self-deportation.”

This decline is inevitable when movement figures are quite literally not allowed to examine the real causes. The result is that movement grows smaller, stupider, and fanatically focused on tangential and transient issues.

And remember, most publications within the Dissident Right accept submissions – I have done reasonably well for myself in this regard – do not be afraid to go for it yourself.

All the best,

Gilbert Cavanaugh

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