Man of Steel is Anti-White

General Zod: The Ethno-Patriotic Antagonist

Superman: Man of SteelI really wanted to like Man of Steel.

But when one gets down to what the film is implicitly–and, sometimes quite explicitly– communicating, it is sadly, but not unexpectedly, anti-White.

The movie begins with a depiction of Krypton. The Kryptonians are an advanced race, whose misuse of their planet’s natural resources, motivated by an obviously “rich-old-white-man” stereotypical greed for more, has led to the destruction of their planet’s core. All thinking men and women on Krypton seem to know they are doomed.

Russel Crowe plays Jor-El, Superman’s father. His ideological nemesis is General Zod. Jor-El wants to save the Kryptonian race by seeding another planet with his posterity. What Zod wants is initially unclear, but he is depicted as a lover of violence, motivated by a zeal for his peoples’ survival. The unquestioned link between an exaggerated violence and a love of one’s people is established early on in the film, and whether these two aspects of the human spirit should be unquestionably chained together without justifying argument is never considered. One is just supposed to intuit, “Zod is angry about his people being wiped out. He’s the bad guy.”

And from this point onward, the themes of this movie are painted in broad strokes, with hardly any subtlety:

Universalism is good. Nationalism is bad. Love of one’s people is villainy. You should learn trust the benevolent alien among us.

General Zod: The Ethno-Patriotic Antagonist

General Zod: The Ethno-Patriotic Antagonist

Zod is a man who loves his people, and wants to save his race. This is painted as a bad thing, and Zod’s militaristic zeal and violence is used as justification for this qualification (as if the two qualities are inseparable). Over and over throughout the film, Zod seeks peace with his foes, and tries to tell them that his only concern is the survival of his people.

It is Russell Crowe, Jor-El, the liberal minded Kryptonian scientist who has broken the laws of his people, stolen the artifact necessary for the survival of his people, hidden it in his infant son, and sent him away, who has condemned all living Kryptonians to death on Krypton, simply because of the collective “crimes” of the past. Jor-El could have aided Zod in finding a solution that could save them all. But Jor-El is obviously filled with a disgust of his own race, and wants them all to perish, with the exception of his own son. He condemns all other families to extinction.

When Zod later confronts Superman, the issue at stake is still the survival of the Kryptonian race. But the issue is again clouded by an either/or decision that has no basis in reality. The two choices presented are suicidal universalism or genocidal supremacism. Either you support the erosion and extinction of your own (Kryptonian) race, or you want to save your people and wipe out all other living things. This is a strong social message on the theme of nationalism: either you accept all of humanity in a multicultural sea of non-identity, or you are an ethnic supremacist who is hellbent on slaughtering millions.

That’s the message of Man of Steel: Forget your people. Embrace the Other.

Indeed, toward the end of the film, Superman invades Zod’s ship, and Zod pleads with Superman to not destroy the ship, because in doing so he would destroy his whole race. Superman replies, “They had their chance.”

Doesn’t that sum up the whole non-White world’s verdict on the White race? “You had your chance,” they tell us. “You’ve had your day in the sun. And now you must pay for it.” And they repeat it so much that we, like Superman, pronounce the verdict of racial guilt on ourselves: “We’ve had our chance.”

And because we rose to such great heights, and are still consistently able to do so, we must assume the judgment of the whole world.

After all the action dies down, a government official asks Superman how they can know that Superman won’t do something that threatens America’s interests. Superman replies that America will just have to trust him. Just so, that’s the instruction we Whites will receive as we hand over our identity as a people to those who most certainly do not have our best interests at heart. “Trust us,” say the hordes of universalism and diversity.

And these are the two philosophical pillars of Man of Steel:

  1. Forget your people.
  2. Trust the Other.

Man of Steel is anti-White.



Congratulations, you’ve taken a Hollywood film and turned it into an article imposing your victimized white-guy propaganda. You must have thought long and hard about translating a film about alien superheroes into a media for your race-war agenda.

I see a Nobel Prize award coming your way in the near future for this one.

ToeKnee BelowKnee

I would have very likely seen the same things. If I do see the movie now, those things won’t be hidden.

Paul Lovett

I think we need to continue to be on the lookout for the anti-White and anti-Christian propaganda because the war on the mind is ongoing. We must call out anything that appears to demonize us to show our people that this is deliberate and calculated not incidental and arbitrary.

Luke G

Don’t forget inter-breeding, they give ol’ Kal plenty of strong Kryptonian women to breed with, but they’re all angry feminists so Kal would rather breed with a nosy gossip from a weaker more primitive race, the whole thing is chock FILLED with anti-white propaganda, and I’m not the sort of person who looks for that stuff.


I noticed this about general Zod. General Zod tried to save his own people from extinction, when superman just tried to stop him from doing so. The first thing you always do, is think for your self. The actions or decisions that Superman did wrong (in my opinion) was trying to go against the only salvation of his own race. His father’s, and mother’s decisions to send their own son, and then go against General Zod seemed very illogical, and suicidal.

I was also, very surprised i was one of the few that took the clear message. It is hard to find some one that agrees with my conclusion of this film. General Zod was never was a villain in the movie. Again, i will say. He tried to save his own race, specie from extinction. Superman ‘is’ the villain. He is also not a very bright character for Superman being an descendant of an advanced race.

This movie pushes race mixing, as well as betrayal. I believe i agree with the title of this article as “Man of Steel is Anti-white”. White as being the race that i see in this article. In my opinion, all races must each be apart from each other and not be mixed together. People tend to think with their emotions rather than use logic and critical thinking. Which is another thing by pushed down the throat in today’s society.

This movie was written by a Jew named David S. Goyer. It doesn’t surprise me.

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