A Lesson in Diversity: Heimbach on HuffPost Live

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If they already have so many courses which cover a diverse history of non-white people, then why do they need NEW courses to fulfill the requirement of a “diversity class”?

Why not just re-categorize existing classes to fulfill the requirement?

ToeKnee BelowKnee

I saw what amounted to very little genuine understanding & a lot of demanding that proofs be presented. It is well known by conservative students & what they have experienced in classes has been spoken of & remains recorded in many internet forums regarding what their Profs have said in taking jabs at them in class. The Profs care nothing at all that they may be humiliating many of the conservative students that aren’t prepared to articulate a response. The rest of that panel knows that but of course they’ll make the demand that I present proof that they do.

Christian Gray

The big boss Negro in the Cadillac kept dismissing the ethics of multiculturalism as insignificant. Our (multicultural) “competition in the global market” is the fundamental criteria for whether diversity is important. In other words, multiculturalism is ethical and significant because corporate America needs it.


Yeah, Mr. Gray, I caught that too. He wants us to trade identity and spiritual health for short-term gains.


Heimbach… round of applause.

This was a discussion group juxtaposed with a Pulp Fiction re-enactment…. The Colby dude channeling Samuel Jackson… “Well, allow me to retort.” To “Marvin” waiting to be face shot in the back of the car.


The saddest part is that so few white men are willing wear a necktie to designate our own masculinity.


Great job, Matt. You did a great job expressing your case, and I’d say you were the most articulate of the bunch. Keep it up!

Mstr Rick

What a complete waste of time. The only thing more useless than listening to illiterate non-whites gibbering about the end of traditional white America is having to listen to other whites patronizing them.

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