Femen: The Bottomless Depravity of the Topless Protests

Femen AttackFemen has been designed and is organized as being the fulfillment of the Leftist and Feminist agendas. It is an organization that is not confined to the same talking points of prior feminist organizations such as equal pay for women; instead it is a movement that is geared specifically towards destroying traditional Western societal norms, gender roles, and the Church.

The Catholic and Orthodox churches are very powerful in Eastern Europe as spiritual and societal leaders. Traditional roles of the family, gender, sexuality, and local folk identity have always been very strong in this region. Ironically, it appears to a certain degree that the Iron Curtain may have insulated much of Eastern Europe from the “progressive” trends of the capitalist West. Communist leaders rejected the values and materialism of the capitalist West.

One must consider that the constant harassment of the Church under communism led to a revival of the spirit of the Church Militant. Those who were not true believers gave up the faith for societal comforts and those who believed were willing to die for the Gospel. In America, the “cultural Christian” has become the norm. American Christians until very recently did not face large amounts of persecution; this allowed the Church to become complacent and lazy in defending the faith against attacks by our enemies. While the communists attack the institutionalized church, the spiritual church has remained strong in the Communist East. In the West, our bastardization of the Gospel into being about wealth and American exceptionalism has rotted her to the core.

One of the clearest demonstrations of the differences between the East and the West is the public acceptance of homosexuality. In the West, we see hundreds of gay pride parades, festivals, and celebrations every year. Even traditional Christian organizations like the Boy Scouts have now caved into the homosexual agenda. Christian denominations who formerly were staunch traditionalists have begun to cave to the West’s poisonous culture. Instead of the Church being immune from the world around her, the push of secularism, communism, and the egalitarian Jacobin drivel that goes along with having  an “enlightened” democracy has begun tearing down the Church brick by brick. This is in contrast to the reception that the homosexual agenda gets in Eastern Europe. Whenever bussed-in homosexual protesters arrive in a city, they are attacked and driven off by Church officials leading the faithful. The Church is using the values of family and tradition to galvanize the millions of Christians in Eastern Europe against the Satanic plans of the elite. The resistance of Eastern Europe to the globalist egalitarian agenda is unacceptable in the eyes of our overlords, so the elites have cooked up another scheme to help subvert those cultures who choose to resist them. In order to destroy the culture, the elites have realized that first they must destroy the Church and the family.

The quickest way to destroy a culture is to undermine its founding values. The Church and Christian principles have been the cornerstone of European civilization for close to two thousand years. The clear gender roles set up throughout the Bible have molded and created the Occident as we now know it. Men and women are equal in the sight of God, have equal value in relationships, but both genders have clearly defined roles within society and a relationship.

Men are called upon the be the spiritual leaders of a household and women are the nurturers of the home. These relationships are based upon a living and honest love between the two partners. Love between a man and a woman is based upon self-sacrifice, humility, and a willing heart. This is the foundation of all of western civilization, and this is why the Left uses feminism as such an insidious tool. What they call a patriarchal system is instead a partnership between a man and a woman with the full blessing of God. As it says in Scripture, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

The feminist agenda that has perverted the West began with understandable and positive goals. I don’t think anyone would argue that women don’t deserve equal pay or protections under the law. Rape victims and abused women obviously need not suffer in silence and deserve to have the rights to protect their own bodies. But the Left exploited these positive goals and then moved forward with upending our civilization. Instead of discussing how to make women a more equal part of the society, modern feminism aims to create an entirely new society. A society without limits, gender roles, value of life, or even common decency.

Perhaps the greatest example of how feminism has warped and shifted to destroy Christian civilization is the very issue of life. When feminism began, it argued that women deserve a right to refuse sex and to have a basic right to their own body, but now they argue that they have a right to murder a living human being inside their womb. No amount of scientific research, biological evidence, or Biblical Scripture can dissuade the modern feminist movement from believing that it has a fundamental right to murder an innocent human being simply out of a desire for convenience.

Through the manipulation of the mass media, social networking sites, and corruption of our Church’s, the elites have been able to launch a generations long campaign to utterly redefine our civilization. Alongside redefining the culturally acceptable views of race, homosexuality, the international Jewish powerbrokers, and nationalism, the elites have focused on creating a vanguard to corrupt one of the last hold outs to their power structure: the family.

The leading spearhead and most vile modern incarnation of the feminist agenda is the aforementioned street-activist Ukrainian-based organization, Femen. Femen is an organization that was founded in 2008 through large donations from America and Western Europe. As with most of the former Soviet countries, the West has been pouring in capitalism and societal degeneracy to attempt to subvert the traditional cultures of Eastern Europe.

The stated objective of Femen is just like any other feminist organization. Fighting anti-female discrimination, rape, and abuse are their supposed goals. So how exactly do they go about achieving their agenda? Cutting down Christian crosses, tearing off their clothes in public, mocking recently deceased Right-Wingers, more tearing off their clothes, writing messages defaming God and the Church on their bodies, disrupting events to honor blessed Saints, supporting hooligans like Pussy Riot who disrupt Church services, attempting to attack the Pope, even more tearing off their clothes, and a whole lot more vile and indecent street actions.

Somehow protesting topless is meant to give credence to their claims. I believe, however, that this goes deeper than simply being provocative. In order to use the Overton Window to change public perception of an idea being acceptable, at first it must appear radical. As the idea or action appears in front of an audience more and more times, the behavior becomes more acceptable. Just as child murder, homosexuality, and interracial marriage have been pushed by the globalists to become acceptable within our society, now women without clothing in public is being pushed as acceptable. This has recently been seen in New York, where, according to reports, “New York City’s 34,000 police officers have been instructed that, should they encounter a woman in public who is shirtless but obeying the law, they should not arrest her.” This cultural shift is happening on our front doorsteps, and it shows no sign of stopping.

One of the largest issues of Femen is the attack on Christian churches and the faith. They have defaced Christian crosses and memorials around Europe over the past several years. Christian religious leaders are now in ever increasing frequency being harassed by the topless radicals with slogans such as “God is Dead.”

The creation of “astroturf” organizations is not a new trick for the Left. Just as Jewish money and Jewish leadership led a large amount of the American civil rights movement while using black Americans as puppets, the same phenomenon is occurring in Eastern Europe. While appearing to have grassroots support amongst the generally very traditional Eastern European population, Femen actually is being bankrolled by outside interests to bribe women into participating.

Femen has moved its location to France yet continues to create waves throughout Europe. How exactly can these supposed random outbursts of “girl power” be occurring? The answer is large amounts of money. One investigative reporter who infiltrated the ground -found that “the expenses of each member of the risqué Parisian operation allegedly came to at least US$1,300, including the airplane tickets, hotel, taxis and food.” Many of the women associated with Femen had admitted to formerly being prostitutes. Extremely graphic pornographic images and websites offering their “services” have been uncovered. So instead of selling their bodies, the women of Femen are now selling their souls to billionaires who are advocating for the destruction of our civilization. So while normal women are raising families, being the nurturer of a household, or working, the radical feminists of Femen are being flown around Europe to promote this radical feminist agenda. Big businessmen, bankers, and corporate elites have the resources to create a movement out of thin air, but it is not simply topless stunts that these girls are engaged in.

The main focus of Femen is the attack upon Christianity. The traditional gender roles and family structure of the West are due to our strong belief in Christ. In order to destroy the family and what they claim are patriarchal gender roles, the Church must be destroyed. The way to do this is to blaspheme God’s name in public, occupy Christian churches, and attack Christian symbols. One article describes the bounty that the group has put on Christian houses of worship and symbols: “FEMEN has offered payment to anyone who desecrates Orthodox crosses and churches. Cutting down a cross will earn you as much as 6,000 rubles, or $188 US. Leaving an inscription on an Orthodox cross will net around $62, while graffiti on a church wall comes with a nearly hundred-dollar reward. The bounty list was published on the Internet by Karina Pankova, a 23-year-old woman who presented herself as the leader of FEMEN’s branch in northwest Russia’s arctic city of Murmansk.” This is in addition to launching protests and attacks against patriarchs, bishops, the Pope, and everyday clergy throughout Europe. The burning of Bibles, desecration of icons, and the mockery of those who have taken religious vows are just everyday actions of Femen and its supporters. Femen is not waging a war for women; they are launching a war against God. The forces of Satan have joined together since the Fall to renounce God and to attack his servants. This is a war as old as time itself.

The future of our people and our culture is in question. Our largest enemies are not those outside of our walls attempting to get in, or even the Third Worlders who have made it into our countries; our biggest threat is ourselves. The global oligarchs have found that the most effective way to destroy a culture is from the inside out. These rich elites are financing groups like Femen to attack traditional families, Christian values, and common decency within our society. With a fawning media who describes these radicals as being “courageous” and “mavericks,” we are left to ourselves to confront these degenerates on the streets. Men and women should be called to oppose groups like Femen while working together to encourage happy and healthy families.

With true Christian devotion, there are women from around the world who are standing up to Femen and organizing around Traditionalist Christian perspectives. Once again the elites have overplayed their hand, and the people are beginning to awaken. I call all Christian men and women to unite together against the massed ranks of the enemy. With God on our side, we shall never be defeated. Remember what we are fighting for, as the group Christian Women Against Femen has declared: “God, Homeland, and Family.” Without these principles as our guiding light, there cannot be a folk, there cannot be a nation, and there cannot be victory. We must trust unceasingly in God and in our brothers and sisters who fight alongside with us. Our victory over the forces of darkness will not be easy, but it is certain.


john king

Matthew Heimbach has quickly risen to the top as a world class thinker. There is nothing on the subject of “Femen” that comes anywhere close to his scholarship and analysis here. He correctly identifies “Femen” for what it is: a virus injected into traditionalist, Christian European societies primarily in Eastern Europe to attack and beat down the traditional values of religious faith, the family unit and female virtue. “Femen” pretends to represent the 99% of ordinary women but scratch under the surface and you’ll find that it’s funded and operated by the 1%. And as well all know by now “The 1% is 99% Jewish.” The financial funding for “Femen” is predominately from America and from individuals who falsely brag they are “God’s Chosen”.


That’s a powerful video, and it’s always nice to see public prayer. Mr. Heimbach, your article gave perfect context!

Clement Pulaski

I fear that Femen is just the beginning of the next phase of degeneracy. Like the “slut walks” in North America, the enemy has realized how powerful this porn-propaganda can be, especially at targeting young men. Just in the last few months I’ve heard of two films, “Blue is the Warmest Color”, which just won the top prize at Cannes, and “The Nymphomaniac” by acclaimed “artistic” director Lars Von Trier. Both films caught my eye because they are advertised as having “real sex scenes”, as opposed to the simulated sex found in most mainstream films. That is, these are fully pornographic films that are being presented as high art. Every visual representation in our culture, films, music videos, advertising, it’s all moving towards pornography.
It’s true what they say: pornography is the devil’s iconography.
In the future, hopefully all of this garbage will go up in bonfires.


One thing, I like much of what you wrote. But I do have to comment on the civil rights movement and interracial marriages. Please keep in mind, just like between men and women, men of all races have equal dignity as well. I ask you not to equate the original aims of these movements, and some of the good progress in these regards with the satanic feminist movement as it exists today. In this regard, I ask for nothing more than what you have done for women in disntinguishing between the cry for recongnition of equal dignity, and the attacks of femen.

Antiochus Epiphanes

E Michael Jones discussed in his magazine Culture Wars and probably somewhere in his book the “Revolutionary Jew” how Israelis pumped porn into Palestinian Tv during one of their incidents of counterattack against the Intifida.

It is well know that the libertine pornographer Marquis de Sade was a revolutionary too. Read Mike’s book “Libido Dominandi” for more.

I have read some nordicist type people who have criticized julius evola as too patriarchal as a supposed characteristic of the near-levantine mediterranean mentality. I dont agree, I strongly favor patriarchal social organization, and if you want to see some of the things that may be necessary to preserve a long term socially stable differentiation between the sexes look no farther than Muslim countries. And I’m not talking to the degree of Wahabism, just some of the long-preserved cultural differences that actually were pretty widespread in the west too prior to the 19th century, that have been preserved in their countrkies.

Things the USA is intent on reversing by force of invasion, ie, the franchise.

Pivoting now back to Europe, it’s hard to me at times to understand what the hell the ENR is talking about when it whines about “Islamization.” Are the pornographic troublemakers of FEMEN a tolerable presence instead? If Europe took a few lessons in social re-organization from Muslims they might benefit. I dont see these bitches acting up in Muslim countries.

Leslie H. Higgins

You can’t talk about Femen without considering Hommen.


These male traditionalists are creating quite a sight in France. These young rightist men are one step away from a corps of street fighters that could destabilize the Hollande government and begin the liberation of Europe from the EUSSR.


Awesome article Matthew. This new brand of militant, psychotic, anti-Christian feminism represented by FEMEN, must be taken seriously by traditionalists, we must fight against these devlish whores for truly they are fueled by a power hellbent on our total and utter destruction. I am glad that throughout former Christendom there are signs of resistance, and that Russian Patriarch Kirill recently condemned feminism.


It would appear convenient to complain about those who identify grievances.

The Australia government has a current Royal Commission into REAL depravity: the regular, frequent, hidden sexual abuse of children in the care of various religious groups. Apart showing that these offences have taken place, the commission of enquiry has also shown how the various religious groups have protected sex offenders, stopped investigations into offenders by moving them out of the country, moved them from place to place and thus permitted them to continue offending, heard them confess the offences and NOT reported them to the police and denounced, humiliated, oppressed and harassed those who were sexually offended against by Church members.

That is the real offence, that is the real degeneracy, that is the real devilish act and that is the real virus in society.

The hypocritical, pious, self-rightous and vindictive nature of these organisations are part of the offences which Femen obviously criticise.

The rest of you, complaining about them, should face the real offenders against humanity and deal with your own houses first.

Orthodox Mike

What’s the matter, Pat? Some heretical Latin diddle you when you were a kid? That doesn’t take away from the disgusting agenda of these vile, godless feminist vermin.

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