Economic Suicide

Economic Suicide

Economic SuicideOur people have always been pawns to the globalist agenda. We were important to build up the infrastructure and wealth of the elite, but never regarded as more than proles in their larger agenda. As we broke our backs building their roads, rail lines, cities, and farms, they counted their profits and attempted to shortchange the working class every single opportunity they had. In farm fields, factories, mines, and textile factories, we have been used as an inexhaustible resource by the elites, no different than the coal that powers the machinery. Capitalism has created a system in which human beings are nothing more than cogs in a wider machine, we have no intrinsic value to the elites, and are simply as valuable as what we can provide them in service.

The same type of men who allowed the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire to burn one hundred and forty six women alive because it was cheaper to lock the fire exits than to hire a night guard to prevent break ins or dropped bombs on miners for marching against horrendous abuses in the Logan County Coal War are the same ones who are destroying the blue collar worker to this day. After they had solidified their control, we became simply expensive drains on their pocketbooks.

The death of rural and blue collar America began after the Second World War. After we had built enough tanks, bombers, and guns to ensure that the mass murdering Soviet Union would be safe to oppress hundreds of millions of innocent people, we sat back upon our laurels. America was thought to be king of the world and her people were content to sit back for awhile. As the nations who we had bombed nearly out of existence began building new top of the line factories (paid for by American taxpayers) we grew complacent with our technology. The boom in industry began to peter off throughout the decades due to increased competition around the globe.


Charles Lindbergh Advocated "Fortress America"

Charles Lindbergh Advocated “Fortress America”

American workers were harmed through the destruction of labor unions, globalism, and Third World immigration. The systematic destruction of any government protections for workers was coupled with the increased belief in the “global village” for both social and economic reasons. The heroic Charles Lindbergh’s idea of Fortress America that would have protected her economically, socially, and culturally was swept aside by our powerful overlords to make way for a globalist agenda where we are all made slaves on the bankers plantation.

Labor Unions serve a valuable and needed purpose within the economy. Many bosses inevitably want to exploit and cheat those who work for them in order to maximize their own profits. The union serves as a voice for the workers in order to prevent abuse and get a living wage for the working class. When tariffs and strong government protections made it too costly to ship jobs overseas to allow Third World labor to do the jobs for pennies an hour, the bosses were forced to negotiate with unions. The united principle of labor and capital working together for a better society is the natural and healthy expression of economic virtue.

In America however, two things have happened to destroy this equilibrium. Unions and organized labor provided a problem for the globalists, they had to pay higher wages than they had to, and they had to provide basic protections for the safety of their workers and the local environment. In order to subvert this costly equilibrium, the elites broke down protective tariffs and negotiated for global free trade deals. In the past, the tariffs on imports helped protect the local economy and the jobs of our workforce. This is a globally recognized way to ensure the safety and security of an economy and allowing industry to grow and expand. These free trade agreements such as NAFTA, have resulted in millions of industrial jobs fleeing this country for low price labor in other nations.

The second way that the prior economic equilibrium was upset was the infiltration of labor unions by the communists. Instead of being organized around the prior principles of family, community, and an equal share for all, the labor unions were subverted internally by the global communist movement. “Workers of the world unite” became a battle cry, making American workers and their union dues go to fighting struggles overseas instead of protecting our jobs back at home. This was simply the insidious plan of the globalists to subvert their resistance on the ground, and make them unwitting pawns to the globalist agenda. Through the breakdown of unified unions at home, and legal destruction of the protections for our industrial and agricultural workers, the globalists have been able in a matter of decades to radically transform and destroy the American worker.

Changing the nature of work within a society is a powerful tool for controlling the worker. The elites have found that the industrial jobs that require skilled labor to be done correctly can be cheaply outsourced and done by Third World labor. Although Western workers are tremendously more productive per capita versus their Third World counterparts, having less restrictions on safety, standards, and paying abysmally small slave wages allows this process to be more productive for the elites. As Traditionalists we must understand that while our folk is our main concern, the plots of the elites harm all of us on the planet. A large degree of anti-white sentiment around the globe is tied directly to the plots of the elites.

While I do not believe in the Ron Paul view of blowback as being the defining cause of trouble between nations and people, it must be understood that many people of the world do not draw the distinction between the capitalists, Jewish banksters, and white politicians who are shown to be looting the nations of the globe. What the world does not understand is that while the unholy Trinity of global capitalists, Jewish banksters, and white traitors are equally looting and destroying white nations.

This is not a struggle in many respects of non-whites against us, but instead a battle of the elites against all of the peoples of the earth. This does not mean holding hands and singing kumbaya with every person on the globe as the multiculturalists call for, but we must acknowledge that there are multiple levels of our struggle and that other groups while fighting for different causes, are working on parallel tracks towards the destruction of the same elites who are pushing for our ethnic and cultural genocide. Just as I would never choose to have lived in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, or in Mubarek’s Egypt, I still acknowledge that those who stand up against the global banking system and the agenda of the multiculturalists are allies in a global struggle.

While the globalists pit different races and nations against one another, they have successfully found that the winning formula for creating a system of economic tyranny is by pitting white men against one another. White men around the globe have been made into the modern version of the Jüdischer Ordnungsdienst. Just as the Jews who during the Second World War self patrolled their communities were known as the most rigid and brutal enforcers of German rules, midlevel managers and those with some semblance of rank within the system are the harshest enforces of the multicultural agenda. In exchange for the scraps of bread off the elites table, these traitors will fire or demote employees who break the rules of the elites.

Traitors are the ones who enforce the affirmative action quotas, “hate speech” rules, diversity seminars, and the whole host of other anti-white and anti-Christian directives of those who sign their paychecks. In exchange for their soul, many white men are willing to accept a middle class life in suburbia, regardless of the fact that their children and grandchildren will be inheriting a decaying and decrepit multicultural cesspool of a nation. White people must realize that capitalism is simply a one way ticket to moral and cultural suicide, with only a fleeting materialist mirage to perpetuate the system.

The solution for a functional economy that benefits the entirety of society is one in which labor and capital are united together for a common cause. The bond of blood, of culture, and faith moves men beyond a drive to collect the most petty trinkets. As Scripture says in Matthew 16:26 “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Our purpose on this earth is not to make profit, it is to unite together for a cause much greater than ourselves.

The white world has been swindled by snake oil merchants, and we have bought the poison of international banking and capitalism. Only through returning to our roots, of family, folk, and Faith, can we overcome this deception and make a new and better world for our people.



Capitalism is a powerful and necessary force but it goes wrong when different races and tongues of men are forced into co-operation. That makes people upset, and ultimately only accomplishes trading ethnic identity for short-term material gain, whenever the scam can be perpetrated. It wasn’t that long ago that men were called out for being careerist, that is to say, putting their career over family and community…

Capitalism needs to be subservient to nation and faith and hope for the future, but capitalism needs to be there because socialism would make gains in its absence. And, socialism leads to a wholly un-spiritual existence.

Matthew Heimbach

I would agree that any economic system must be subservient to both the laws of God and the law of man. Capitalism inherently however is based purely upon the monetization of the individual into a cog of the machine. Our people have almost never used capitalism, but the freedom to own a small business and make a comfortable living is a part of the European experience. Capitalism eventually leads to monopolies and abuses, many other economic systems allow for an organic relationship between the working class and the elites.


Mr. Heimbach, you seem to be suggesting that the only form of capitalism is global capitalism, but that’s not true by my understanding of the term. Capitalism needs be subservient to the nation so that our politicians feel comfortable enacting more laws like tariffs that keep jobs at home. Capitalism isn’t working now because our people are too demoralized to challenge the bureaucracy that has been created.

A stronger church should do a lot to improve that, to make the men into men again, instead of seemingly asexual cogs in the machinery. We’ll, probably, have to wait until these recent generations of weaklings die off (as did Moses, in the desert) before we see real, national change. But, that is why I joined this group, sir, to keep up my spirits while this whole thing blows itself out, or at best win some more to our side! Big hopes for big plans!


Austrian economist, Wilhelm Roepke advocated for a Swiss type of economic system. One that is for decentralization of government and business.

G. K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc’s Distriubtism also advocates for local control and against big government and big business. Both of these “Third Way” economic theories are vastly superior to global capitalism.

Drake Shelton

The South can by law, never benefit from Capitalism and the Industrial Revolution because of the creation of the legal corporate person by Roscoe Conkling and the immunities that derived from that legislation pursuant to

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad


Pembina Consolidated Silver Mining Co. v. Pennsylvania – 125 U.S. 181

See also:

The issue is the Yankees have patents on all the major machinery of the Industrial Revolution and are also protected under the law as a person in their life, liberty, property, as well as the Privileges and Immunities under the U.S. Constitution. The South continues to get poorer because she is paying tribute to the Northern Corporations. We must go back to neither Capitalism nor to Communism nor to the Roman Feudalism for that is what we are under now. We must go back to Agrarianism, plowing are fields and providing for ourselves with God’s means of production: Horse, OX, Goat, Cow, Chicken, etc. Yankees have no patents on those machines. They need no Yankee Corporate oil, gas, or spark plugs but are fed from products we grow on our own lands. That is the only way we get free. We must also boycott all Northern Corporations and chains in our states and get their grid out asap. We do not need bloodshed to get this done. We just need to change our thinking and stop giving our money to the Yankees. Get a wood stove for the house, and get solar panels for electricity. Let’s bankrupt these sob’s.


Excellent article! Thank you! For the true economic alternative, I refer readers to distributism, and I most highly recommend John C Medaille’s /Toward A Truly Free Market/ .

kennewick man

Matt, this is really great stuff. One suggestion, though, would be to refer to the people in control as “oligarchs” rather than “elites.” For an egalitarian perhaps the terms are interchangeable, but an “elite” should have some qualities that raise it above the norm. The Wall Street bankers and their servants in the government are certainly above average in deceptiveness, greed, wealth, and power, but I’m not convinced they are elites in any positive way. The term “oligarch” immediately brings to my mind a person who uses power to exploit others. As an anti-egalitarian, I would prefer to save the term “elite” for those who use their exceptional abilities for positive ends, such as inventors, artists, the 300 at Thermopylae, or the writers at Traditionalist Youth.


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