Detroit in Crisis

Detroit's City Council is Exploring Every Alternative to Bankruptcy

Detroit's City Council is Exploring Every Alternative to BankruptcyThe story of Detroit is one that is becoming all too familiar in the modern era. As the formerly great cities of America begin to die, the remnants begin to rot. The political elites having sold out the blue-collar base of major American cities through the outsourcing of jobs and the destruction of traditional institutions. From Atlanta, Birmingham, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Detroit, these loss of blue-collar industrial jobs and growing influx of black and other Third World immigrants has driven whites from the cities. This white flight has been generational, and is almost complete. Most of these cities are now not only mostly black, but super-majority black strongholds. As the great Hunter Wallace has said, “the ideal White community is 100 percent White. The ideal black community is roughly 50 percent White.” Without white folks’ industriousness, tax revenue, and societal support, these cities have turned from prosperous economic zones, to the American equivalent of Mogadishu.

In modern American cities, without the boogeyman of a white population to blame for their failings, black America has turned on itself. Instead of building a new black utopia and demonstrating the ability of blacks to flourish in a First World environment without white involvement, each majority black city has turned into a disaster zone. The largest and most famous example of the implosion of a major city is that of Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit was originally the example of the success of the American economy. With a bustling industrial base, led by industrialist Henry Ford and other entrepreneurs, Detroit became a blue-collar paradise. Workers were able to make competitive wages while making the backbone of the American economy. Cars, steel, and other finished goods rolled off of factory floors and assembly lines to feed the growing national and worldwide economy.

In 1930, Detroit was the fastest growing city in the world. New homes, factories, shops, and other amenities were built at such a rapid pace that builders from around the country flooded into Detroit to help build this new American metropolis. The future was bright for Detroit, and the possibilities seemed endless.

The Ruins of Detroit

The Ruins of Detroit

The lure of new jobs and the social norms put in place in Southern cities to promote racial segregation led to a massive exodus of blacks from the South into Northern cities like Detroit. White paradises that were at the cutting edge of technological and civil development were brought the forces of multiculturalism in ever-growing waves. Racial tensions began to mount as the trickle of black migrants turned into a flood. While white Southerners were able to quickly assimilate within the city, black migrants began creating a new subculture and the criminal elements began creeping into the city.

During the Second World War, black and white race relations took a turn for the worse. White workers who were used to steady work in safe neighborhoods were increasingly alarmed at the transformation of their city. In order to pay lower wages, several of the automobile companies began employing black employees on integrated assembly plant lines. This was the beginning of the end of Detroit as white workers walked off the job site by the thousands in protest.

In the midst of the Second World War, one white employee took to the company loudspeaker to tell the entire staff that “I’d rather see Hitler and Hirohito win than work next to a nigger.” One of the largest race riots in American history broke out on June 20, 1943 when black youths made advances against a white sailor’s girlfriend. For several days black and white mobs clashed with one another, releasing a stream of pent up aggression. White mobs were reported to be more organized  therefore, most of the damage was done to black neighborhoods. Violence only subsided when Federal troops were brought in to quell the rioting. Detroit’s race problems would only intensify with time. As modern America is learning, multiracial societies cannot function without direct State control over the situation. As Southern cities learned, only the maintaining of white rule could keep the racial tensions under control. In Detroit, white rule would be lost year-by-year, as more white families would flee the ever-darkening city.

Slightly over two decades after the Detroit Race Riot of 1943, another race riot broke out on July 23rd, 1967. For five days, black youths rioted throughout the city. Hundreds of buildings were set alight as funeral pyres for the dying city. Businesses were ransacked, rapes abounded, and violence took to a frenzy of animalistic proportions. The almost exclusively black mob looted, torched, and attacked their way throughout the city. Snipers took pot shots at police officers who were attempting to restore control to the city. Only after thousands of Federal troops, National Guard soldiers, and local police took to the streets was the riot able to be brought under control. As the fires burned themselves out and order was restored, over seven thousand Detroit citizens were arrested and forty-three lied in the city’s morgue.

The rise of globalism in the post-war period is what put a death sentence upon Detroit. As the people of Detroit grew increasingly divided over racial issues, the global capitalists decided that it was time to loot the city. Detroit was once the epitome of the growing American working middle class. Detroit residents of both races were able to buy homes, cars from their own factories, and send their children to colleges. Wages were high and the standard of living was growing. This began to rapidly change with the introduction of increased robotic automation and outsourcing of industrial jobs overseas. The hollowing out of Detroit had begun.

Going Green: Motown Edition

Going Green: Motown Edition

The same nations that America had been at war at only decades before, began to surpass American industry. Due to the total destruction of their industrial base, fresh with billions of United States citizens tax dollars, the world began to build state-of-the-art factories. Countries such as Germany, Japan, and Communist China were able to compete with increasingly outdated American factories. In order to compete, companies such as General Motors began to slash wages and look towards setting up cheaper factories in the Third World.

Under both conservative and liberal leadership, the United States has hemorrhaged industrial jobs. Free Trade agreements like NAFTA have sent over ten million industrial jobs overseas. Through the destruction of protective tariffs and increasing movement towards a New World Order, the prior protections for American workers were systematically dismantled. Detroit suffered alongside the rest of the country as factory after factory began to shut down. Hundreds of thousands of whites participated in the national phenomenon of white flight. Fleeing the state of Michigan or solidifying themselves into white enclaves, the white population made a clear choice to leave the darkening cities. Suburbs in Michigan and around the nation flourished as white middle class families strove to be free of the jungle-like environment of America’s cities. Black elites and middle class families also began to flee the cities as they began to erode. Areas like Washington DC and Baltimore were emptied of the black elite into areas like Prince George’s county in Maryland, and in Michigan the elites of both races erected enclaves to live in. As the factories shut down and the white population relocated, Detroit was left with a very black and largely unemployed population.

The modern state of Detroit is very grim, even by major American city standards. Although billions of Federal and State money has been thrown at Detroit, the city continues to decay. New stadiums and office buildings cannot hide the growing desolation of the city. The city, State, and Federal government has poured money and effort into high publicity stunts to attempt to assure the people of Detroit that was city wasn’t dying. Strip mall projects and other economic initiatives would last only a year or two before crime, urban blight, and  the animal nature of Detroit would overtake them. While the elites hide behind gated communities and armed guards, the city of Detroit is being retaken by nature. From the fact that tens of thousands of homes sit vacant throughout the city, or the fact that areas of the city have been returned to nature in an eerie Chernobyl-like situation, you can see that something is dreadfully wrong with Detroit.

Vacant factories sit like silent tombs throughout the city. Arson is rampant as squatters, drug manufacturers, or bored “youths” end up setting hundreds of buildings on fire every year. Crime is continually going up as the police are forced to cut numbers and increase shift lengths. Recently Detroit police attorney Donato Lorio said, “Detroit is America’s most violent city, its homicide rate is the highest in the country and yet the Detroit Police Department is grossly understaffed. The DPOA believes that there is a war in Detroit, but there should be a war on crime, not a war on its officers. These are the men and women who we look to protect us… and police officers can’t protect you if they’re not there. Officers are leaving simply because they can’t afford to stay in Detroit and work 12 hour shifts for what they are getting paid… These police officers are beyond demoralized, these officers are leaving hand over fist because they can no longer afford to stay on the department and protect the public.”

The Ruins of DetroitLike a vision of a post-apocalyptic film, vast tracts of Detroit are unoccupied. The city has turned off street lights in major portions of Detroit in order to save money, and because no one lives there any longer. Reports of bears, coyotes, and other predators entering abandoned sections of Detroit have gone from folklore and campfire stories to stone cold sober reality. City services such as bus lines, fire department service, street repairs, and a million other services that are required to allow a First World existence have fallen by the wayside. There simply is not enough money to be able to keep Detroit functioning, let alone stop the degradation of its infrastructure. Detroit is dying, and the people trapped within its walls are the ones who are suffering.

One of the largest problems facing Detroit is that whenever a family is able to raise enough money, they generally flee the city. It is estimated that a family leaves Detroit every twenty minutes. A situation like that leaves Detroit unable to even maintain tax levels. The city is in such financial trouble that the State of Michigan has established an Emergency Manager to run the city. Promises of pensions and necessary city services have driven Detroit so far into debt that Detroit “is suspending payments on $2 billion of unsecured debt, marketing parking garages and telling retirees to rely on President Barack Obama’s health-care law to avoid a record municipal bankruptcy.

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr met with creditors and released that “Detroit is defaulting on about $2.5 billion in unsecured debt and is asking creditors to take about 10 cents on the dollar of what the city owes them… Underfunded pension claims likely would get less than the 10 cents on the dollar. Orr also announced that Detroit stopped paying on its unsecured debt Friday to ‘conserve cash’ for police, fire and other services in the city of 700,000 people. The debt not being paid includes $39 million owed to a certificate of participation.” The question is not if Detroit is going to recover and pay back its debts, it is simply finding out how the city is going to die.

While the labor unions sit squabbling over smaller and smaller pieces of the pie, they refuse to acknowledge the role of Jewish capitalists and their global lackeys. This is not a question of reacting to the ever changing economic situation, this is a controlled demolition of our industrial base. The elites have decided that a nation cannot have the ability to provide for herself. A nation must be reliant upon the global network of international Third World slavery in order to manufacture anything. This mindset is crucial in the globalists agenda to dismantle sovereign nations, and put them under the boot heel of the New World Order. Detroit is not a fluke, it is the future, if we are unable to stop the demographic and economic destruction of our homes.

With the demographic destruction of Detroit, the globalist looting of her industrial base, and the increased costs of simply stopping the city from turning into an African hell-hole, the former jewel of Industrial America is done for. Detroit should be a lesson to all of us in what happens if we fail in this mission. Unlike the whites of Detroit, there is nowhere else to run to. If we fail in our mission, all of the Occident will turn into Detroit, and our national anthem should become “Welcome to the Jungle”, because that is what we will be living in.

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