Déjà Vu: Homosexual “Marriage” and Segregation

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu

The Federal government is pushing an unnatural and unBiblical version of marriage and society down our throats. Activist judges are legislating away formerly enshrined protections of white traditional civilization with a bang of their gavel and a flick of their pen. The Federal authorities are united with corrupt State legislators and the Jewish elite are working hand-in-hand to dismantle the building block of civilization, the family. Conservatives are rallying together to stand in the streets to fight against this Federal tyranny. Petitions, marches, songs, and picket lines all emerge to attempt to overturn the decision of the activist judges.

All of this however is in vain, the battle was lost before it began.

Soon the “conservative” leadership will run social conservatives out of the movement in the futile hope of appearing mainstream to the Marxist media. Those who had sacrificed years of effort, countless dollars, and massive amounts of heart and soul into the conservative movement will be banished into the proverbial wilderness due to having views that are “just not with the times.”

The media will mock and ridicule those who continue to advocate for a system that not only was part of our civilization for generations, but one that worked. Slowly over the years, the voices of tradition will grow quieter. The Federal leviathan, led by the globalists and capitalists, will grind tradition under it’s boot heel and continue the march towards the destruction of our civilization.

What I just described is not just the fight to stop Sodomite marriage as some would assume given the recent Supreme Court decision, it describes the aftermath of racial integration and the subsequent Supreme Court decision of Loving v Virginia and every other defeat of Conservative, Inc. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then American conservatism truly is insane.

R.L. Dabney on American conservatism

“American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader.” – R.L. Dabney

The battle to protect traditional society is one which the white world, especially in the South, has been losing for generations. Conservatism is simply the shadow of the liberal agenda. Our very civilization is based upon the flawed and faulty Federal Constitution that has been rotten from the beginning.

Perhaps this system could have survived if we had resisted the allure of materialism and a desire to put profit over kith and kin, but the pull of money has made many in both the North and the South bow down to the golden calf. Our people have been betrayed by the business interests of money grubbing capitalists. Instead of upholding tradition, our folk, and our hold on the soil won by centuries of sacrifice, businessmen and complicit lawmakers unite to uphold whatever the agenda of their masters is up for passage on any particular day. Kith and kin has no loyalty from the scalawags of all stripes, and our race and civilization is paying the price.

Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent pointed out recently how Birmingham was lost. In his examination, Mr. Wallace tells a story that is reminiscent of the quote “We have met the enemy and he is us.” While the clear role of Jewish subversion and outside agitators cannot be forgotten, Mr. Wallace shows in clear detail how traitors within our own folk are what spelled the doom of tradition and generational racial solidarity.

The example of Birmingham can explain how any society should function, and how it can also be destroyed. The loss of the battle over self-determination and segregation in the South is simply the story of every fight that “conservatives” have with the Establishment.

The elites will use the ballot box to push their agenda, but invalidate results they dislike.

. . . If that doesn’t work, they will appeal to local and State lawmakers.

. . . If that doesn’t work, they will use the force of the Supreme Court (backed up by the bayonets and bullets of the Federal Army).

. . . If that doesn’t work, they will usurp more Executive authority and just do it, anyway.

Then it is simply a slow battle of whittling away the resistance through the collusion of the media and influences in the local business community. The battle over segregation is the same battle being fought now over gay marriage, State’s Rights, abortion, and any other modern political issue. The battle for tradition against tyranny is ongoing and never ending, and the Left has found a winning strategy. We, for some unknown reason, seem determined to fight them using the same tactics that failed us before.

Hunter Wallace writes in his review of Dividing Lines, the blueprint of how an organic culture is subverted through finding a vulnerable faction in a community and using it as a bully club to carry out the elites’ demands. “Birmingham’s politics had been dominated by three factions, business interests, labor unions, and the Klan. The decline of the Klan in the 1930’s tipped the balance of municipal power in Birmingham toward the business community.”

Any healthy society should be united together for a greater cause. Racial advocates who wish to preserve the race and culture are an integral part of the longevity of a nation. Organized labor and the blue-collar working class is the backbone of any society . . . the beating heart of the folk. Business interests come together to employ the working class, follow through with racially and culturally initiatives to promote the folk, and make profits that can be reinvested in the community. I personally would add the fourth power player of the Church as a crucial part of bringing these different factions together and uniting them.

In any white society we must have all of the various factions working together. If we can’t do this, as Scripture says in Matthew 12:25, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.” If one piece of the equation falls apart, the society is weakened to subversion and attack, just like a body with a compromised immune system.

The most common piece of the equation that fails however generally seems to be the businessmen. From the loading of the first African slaves onto ships to bring to the New World, to selling out white interests in Birmingham, those driven by power and money often lose track of their loyalties to the folk.

The lesson of Birmingham and the segregation battle hold a fundamental fact that conservatives must understand, that our control of our State and the ballot box are irrelevant as long as there are Federal judges who can override the popular opinion. Our battles over gay marriage, immigration, gun control, and abortion are all for naught as long as the end answer lies with the Federal judiciary which follows lockstep with the globalist agenda. The Left has the ability to continually leapfrog over the democratic process as a way of short-circuiting any organic resistance to their agenda.

Hunter Wallace further describes the Left’s ability to circumvent the democratic process in his review by noting that “The segregationists in Birmingham couldn’t be effectively challenged at the ballot box at the state or local level. Instead, the attack on Jim Crow Birmingham came primarily through the federal courts: the destruction of the White primary in Smith v. Allwright(1944), the Brown decision (1954 and 1955), Boynton v. Virginia (1960), the ICC which ordered the integration of bus terminals (1960).”

The work on the ground became increasingly irrelevant as the Federal government simply ran a train of High Court decisions and Federal directives to wash away the white Southern culture. The white Southerners however, in direct violation of the elites’ plan, resisted. A rise in Klan membership, organization of groups like the White Citizens Council, election of Alabama Governor George Wallace, and expressions of racial solidarity threatened to undermine the elites egalitarian agenda. This is where the businessmen came into play to be the final nail in the coffin of the Old South, and white rule in America.

The idea of the “New South” is one that has been pushed since before the War Between the States was even finished. Federal tyrants were determined to create a profitable colonial zone in which capitalists and industrialists would be able to pilfer the people and natural resources of Dixie. Farm boys and other Northerners who had no desire to invade a sovereign nation were whipped up into a war frenzy by yellow journalists and a false sense of patriotism. Hundreds of thousands of men lost their lives in order to deprive a people of their freedom, and to inevitably enslave all white men and women in this nation to Uncle Sam’s plantation.

Part of the creation of the “New South” was based upon the reeducation of both the Southern people and Northerners. Northerners were taught to hate the South and her institutions while the Southerners were forced to their knees and sent to Federal schools. The control of the mass media, big business, and a defeated folk all created a situation in which Southerners were open to the poison of the “New South.” As Dr. Michael Hill pointed out at the 2013 League of the South conference “We are all reconstructed to one degree or another.” The ideas of Jewish thinkers like Marx, Federal tyrants like Lincoln, and the poisonous ideology of capitalism were pumped into every community in both the North and the South in hopes of breaking down community ties and folk identity. As we stand in 2013 looking at the hordes of white communists and Leftists, we must remember that it is through this war on the minds of our people that we face a true civil war within our own people.

The capitalists of Birmingham epitomize the nature of capitalist scalawags. These men were willing to sacrifice the safety and prosperity of their community, and the entire South’s way of life in order to put a few more dollars on the bottom line. As the saying goes “Generals are not the ones who surrender, accountants do.” In the face of bus boycotts and picketing, the business interests looked for a way to work with those who seek to destroy us. Sacrificing our folk, our working class, and our institutions were simply a day in the park for the businessmen of Birmingham and all around the South.  Hunter Wallace notes in his article that “The ‘business progressives’ hoped that dumping the City Commission would reduce the power of the White working class majority, eliminate Bull Connor, and convince the ‘Over the Mountain’ suburbs to consolidate with Birmingham, which would further change the electorate in their favor.” The battle over segregation was not over ideology for the businessmen, it was about furthering their bottom line.

Just as a house divided cannot stand, the people of Dixie had the potential to hold out if they stood united. The racial advocates, the working class, and the businessmen could have held the line against the intrusive Federal government and their globalist masters. When the lure of money however grew strong, the rich turned on their own people and sold us down the river of multiculturalism.

Every single battle of the conservative movement begins and ends as the segregation battle did. The elites will decide that they are going to push an agenda that is anti white and anti tradition, they enlist the media whores and kneeling lawmakers who will put their agenda into action, the agenda will pass with minor resistance from Conservative Inc, then any holdouts to the agenda will be betrayed by members of our own community who want their share of the thirty shekels. This is what happened with segregation, this is what happened with abortion, this is what happened today with gay marriage, and this is what will happen with amnesty.

Reform in this system is not possible, the game is rigged and the deck is stacked against us. We cannot afford another generation of “conservatism.” This slow cultural and racial suicide does not provide us with a future, or even the ability to eke out a few more years of the America we once knew. Like a snowball that turns into a avalanche, the Leftist agenda is only gaining steam. We have proven that we are weak in the face of bribes and name-calling, and the sharks all know that there is blood in the water.

We must stop playing the Jews and tyrants game, it is a losing proposition. Revolution, not reaction. Secession, not stagnation. Standing up, not begging. Those are what the folk needs from us, not more cowering and asking for scraps off the masters table. Men do not cower, they fight.

If you read this, you are the resistance. You have a moral duty to your folk to awaken them. It is time to finally get in this fight, our people depend on it.



Mr. Heimbach, I wanted to know your feeling on monarchism, as that is a repetative theme in kinist circles. However, you’ve the habit of stumping for the blue-collar class and that seems to be a viewpoint that would resist, if not reject, that government… But, monarchy could very well contribute to national identity (identitarianism).

Also, you used that quote from Dr. Einsten, who may have been smart in physics, but is he really a good source for 20th century philosophy? (That’s the definiton of insanity quote.) I thought the Pogo quote was a nice intellectual touch – “we have met the enemy…”

Here is a nice debate between a “red pill” political scientist about the merits of Futarchy. Guess which side the “red pill” man takes and who wins the crowd by the end of it?



Well, the constant arguments against capitalism are getting quite tiresome… It does seem to be a pretty anti-Anglo stance, too, seeing as how many of the colonies were founded by our forefathers who deliberately created commercial areas. Those arguments undermine our right to exist here, in Brittania’s former colonies. I wonder if the anti-capitalism is merely a way to make small talk when meeting with Lefties?

Capitalism and globalism are not synonymous, and that is a point which I will not concede.

john king

This has got to be your best piece ever. When my son reaches adulthood I hope that he will have your intellect and dogged commitment to our people’s future. May the hand of God be with you.

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