Blood and Soil: A Southern White Nationalist Perspective

Fight for our Blood and Soil
Fight for our Blood and Soil

Fight for our Blood and Soil

Today is the 21st anniversary of the founding of the League of the South. The League was founded in Tuscaloosa, Alabama by professors, lawyers, community organizers, and locals. It was established to work towards the preservation of the South folk through secession from the Federal empire. With no desire to work within the system or attempt to reform it, the League has been a triumphant light in the darkness of Federal tyranny, rising tides of multiculturalism, and the globalists who seek to destroy our people and our unique civilization.

The South has long shared the dream of many different groups of white nationalists. While the work of men like Harold Covington and others to create a new mythology of symbols, rallying cries, and identity are all done with a purity of love for the white race and her hope for survival, there always appears to be a core component missing, and that component is blood. The blood that runs in our veins that unites us with the folk, both in sacrifice for a cause greater than ourselves, and the organic tie to the land in which our folk has lived, worked, and died on. It is this connection, stronger than any amount of money or influence that can move a group towards bucking what by all means seems as the safe option, and be willing to put it all on the line. As League of the South leader and personal mentor, Dr. Michael Hill, spoke of in his remarks at the conference this past weekend, our battle call must be ” Kith and kin . . . blood and soil!”

Any movement must have symbols to rally around. Flags, songs, expressions, and other symbols are what motivates a man to pick up his rifle and fight, it is what motivates the folk to take to the streets and fight for something greater than themselves. Symbols are something that stir the soul and have the potential to change the course of history. As Southern white nationalists we do not need to create new symbols, we already have them. When the Left says that the Confederate battle flag or the song Dixie is a call for white rule, we must say proudly to them “Of course it is.”

Introducing: Anti-Racist HeidiThe Left is right about our symbols and it is time for us to admit it.

Are our symbols “racist?” Yes.

Are they calling for a whites only society? Yes.

Are they treasonous to the Empire and their globalist masters? Yes.

Do our symbols call our people to create a nation of our own, for our own folk, and without concern of compromise with the Communists? Yes!

And for all of those reasons we must hoist them proudly and in defiance. Our symbols have the blood of patriots and martyrs upon them, and through proudly waving them, we show that we are no longer going to be slaves on the elites’ plantation. We are no longer begging for a scrap off of the masters table, we will be a folk united in creating our own destiny for our own people in a nation of our own.

The symbols of the South are known by the entire world. A battle flag flying majestically in the wind will either conjure feelings of pride in a Southerner, or hatred if viewed by one of our enemies. Our defiance in flying our symbols, singing our songs, and reveling in our culture is something that the enemy cannot endure. Through activist judges who are all on the elites payroll, to astroturf organizations funded by banksters and capitalists, and to the poisoning of our children and government schools, the elites have decided that our symbols must be destroyed. The use of our flags and our cultural identifiers give us a weight of history and organic blood ties to the call for a creation of a white Southern nation.

Just as we all know that an African can never be a Swede, or a Frenchman, or a German. When we discuss Southerners, we are discussing the white inhabitants of the Southland. We are the conquerors, we are the creators of this civilization, and as Senator Theodore Bilbo wrote “The Southlands only option is separation or mongrelization.” The rainbow Confederates need not apply any longer within the Southern Nationalist movement.

If we are to create a safe and prosperous Homeland for the folk and an example for all white nationalists around the globe, we must understand that this nation must not make the same mistakes of our ancestors and attempt to create a multiracial society, a homogenous Dixie is the only way to secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children. Being a Southern nationalist is not competing with other white nationalists who seek to create Homeland’s in the Northwest, the Midwest, or anywhere else. Being a Southern nationalist is simply saying that our unique folk has drawn a line in the dust on the soil that was won by our ancestors and secured for us with our blood and we shall not budge. I know that any secessionist movement, especially among racial lines that move to secure the continued existence of the white race is supported by Southern nationalists.

We would not assume that French, German, and Polish nationalists would meld together to dilute their respective language, customs, and culture, just as Southern nationalists are not in competition with other white nationalist groups, we are simply fighting for our ethnic group and her unique culture. Just as the Crusaders united under a banner to fight the Muslim hordes, they also flew their unique national flags, sang their own regional songs, and when the battle was won, all returned to the land of their forefathers. All racial nationalists should have the same mindset of different groups of an extended family fighting together for the preservation of our people, but also for our own respective land. We are all united in the struggle for the very survival of our race, but that does not mean we should give up our unique heritage, folk traditions, and land of our birth. Southern nationalism is simply one form of white nationalism, and we are all united in the struggle.

A cause in which no one has given his or her life for is one that is like a car waiting to be filled with gasoline. The National Socialists kicked into overdrive when a cowardly communist shot and murdered the twenty two year old Horst Wessel in cold blood. The Irish Republican Army and the Republican movement based in Northern Ireland was catapulted forward with the blood spilled upon the streets of Derry by the British Parachute Regiment with the massacre of thirteen young men in what we now know as Bloody Sunday. Martyrs are the lifeblood of any movement. Here in the South, we have martyrs a plenty.

The blood of men who came to this land as pioneers and explorers who fought against Indians to carve out a homeland for our people laid the groundwork for the Southern nation. The heroic sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of men and thousands of civilians at home who gave their lives to give the South a brief breath of freedom in 1861-1865 are honored and remembered to this day. The blood of every white man and woman who is lost in the Empire’s wars for the globalists, those who are gunned down by Hispanic invaders who are here due to the willfully unguarded borders, and the countless victims of black predators are all bricks upon the road to freedom for our people. The ranks of the fallen are many, too many, but this is the motivation to propel us forward. Looking back at one hundred and fifty years of Reconstruction, racial invasions, looting of our wealth by Jewish bankers and their Gentile lap dogs, and destruction of our culture and heritage, I declare that the Southern nationalist battle cry must be the same as the nation of Israel’s “NEVER AGAIN!.”

Never again must we allow ourselves to become slaves to those who wish to oppress us.

Never again shall we offer a pinch of incense to the gods of materialism, of wealth, and of multiculturalism while forsaking our kith and kin.

And never again should we ever jeopardize the survival of our people.

Unity amongst whites has been an interesting development for me personally. Bad experiences with fringe members of folk religionists and other political ideologies had left a bad taste in my mouth for years. I fell into the trap of attacking those working towards a similar goal, simply because of a few trolls and agitators. Our movement must be united moving forward, and this weekend at the League of the South conference I began to understand that even further.

This past weekend I shared a hotel room with a member of the League, he was a National Socialist and a folk religionist. While his political and religious views were not mine and far from most within the League, I was intrigued. We discussed politics, religion, and a future for our people, and the funny thing was, we agreed on the most important points. At the end of the day, I want my children to go to white schools, I want to see the symbols of my folk flying in the breeze over the courthouse and post office, I want to be able to worship my God and my faith without fear of government tyrants or communist subversion, and most importantly, I want my race to survive.

At the conference there were Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, folk religionists, atheists, and all stripes of political views, and we were all united in the same struggle. We all may not agree, and sometimes the debate may get heated, but we must remember our struggle is for the folk. Libertarians argued with protectionists who argued with a fascist and who all ganged up on the one Rainbow Confederate who was there. We can have difference of opinion, we can have differences of faith, and we all can have different views on how our nation should be run politically, but if we do not come together, all of our conversations are nothing but wasted breath. Let us create our Homeland, and perhaps multiple white Homelands around the North American continent before we begin to bicker over trade policy or economic views. The name of the game is survival. Without survival, nothing else matters.

This weekend helped solidify the need for unity in my mind, and I call all white advocates to do the same. We do not have time for petty infighting, we do not have time to expend our resources engaging in this circular firing squad, and our people do not have time to divide our forces. We must unite in the common cause of self-determination for the folk, without compromise.

The move forward is rough. We are facing not only the Federal empire, but their globalist handlers who are the richest cabal in world history. There are many whites who would rather be prosperous scalawags than humble free men. And the ranks of those races who wish to toss our people into the dustbin of history are increasing by the day. We must not be intimidated by this, for our cause is just. I am a proud Southern white nationalist, and I call upon all men to rise up with me together to fight for the most important thing of all, a future for our people.

In Dixie’s land we take our stand, to live or die for Dixie!To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Dixie!


Rodney Martin

Interesting Essay, lots of words, but a lack of substance from Mr. Heimbach who has stated that “Jews are my brothers”. Perhaps Mr. Heimbach has not matured enough to realize that behind every attack, subversion, infection and undermining of Western Christian Civilization is the hand of the Jew, whether it be in he media in Hollywood or the corruption of our political and legal institutions to of course our education systems. Then of course is the infection of our religion as demonstrated today by the phenomena of the Zionist-Christian, Christians who worship Jews/Israel and are willing to burn the Quoran while ignoring what is written in the Talmud about Christ and the Virgin Mary. Why won’t today’s Christians confront filth in Hollywood, its simple, for to do so would mean to confront the Jew and that conflicts with their “Jew-Worship” programing post 1965.
One cannot be for saving Western Christian Civilization and be “a Brother of he Jew”.


Mr. Martin, it’s good to see you attacking alienism with such a strong Christian stance, even though you are ultimately wrong. (See Mr. Parrot’s link)


Subversion and espionage by outsiders is “expected” regardless of who the offender or victim is, but our real problem are those people who look like us but don’t support us.

It’s unrealistic to expect an opposing force to suddenly decide to act in our own favor, but we can change how people understand those who wish to subvert us. Stated differently, you can’t stop a tornado from wrecking the town by trying to talk it down, but you can talk the townsfolk into taking preventive measures to safeguard their lives and homes.

Matt Heimbach

Comrade please read my essay that Mr. Parrott linked to, in addition to reading the writings of Codreanu and Father Martin Luther for my perspective on the Jewish question


I always get this feeling when some starts glowing about white nationalism (especially when secessionism goes beyond theorizing). The culture is too anti-white for real progress to be made. Set the groundwork first…

To be fair to Mr. Heimbach, this is one of the only articles about the topic I can remember seeing at this website. So it’s all good. Let’s keep it traditionalist!


Excellent essay, Matt. My own views are very similar to yours, and I say this as both a Southerner and a White Nationalist. It’s clear that you have developed a mature and well developed understanding of the situation, and of exactly what is at stake.

I certainly hope this view becomes dominant among those who claim to be Southern Nationalists. Unfortunately, that has often not been the case. In any event, with the credibility that you have built up, I think making your views plain on this issue is both important and helpful.

Tom Pierce

If only we could have more Heimbachs in our struggle.

These Jew hunters are like a mosquito, annoying and sucking the life blood out of the cause. We all know Jews are an enemy of our Folk. But if we didn’t have so many divisive and idle tongue waggers amongst us we would probably already have organized and shaken the Juden, along with the rest of our enemies, off our back. People really need to start being productive and stop attacking productive folks like Heimbach.


Is rich scalawags versus poor humble freemen perhaps a false dichotomy? We have to fight on the money level — we need to be wealthy but not ostentatious.

A proper use of wealth would be investing it in rental housing and businesses that put White families to work and give them affordable housing that is walking distance form their jobs, as opposed to matador costumes and fur lined shower curtain dresses such as can be found in the home of Mo and Starr Dees.

That is, we need rich people who do the right thing, and manage resources and people in ways that will ensure continuity. Men and women who manage resources here in the US with long range planning, rather than Cayman islands accounts that are built up by computer trading that has turned the whole concept of the stock market into a laughingstock and even more of a sucker’s game than it already was.

We need to be those rich people ourselves. But how? In short, get some kind of high paying adventure job such as climbing:

Save up about 40 or 50 thousand for that first downpayment on a multifamily property in a place you want to put down roots (in the South I’d imagine, Kalispell PLE for others), and get this book:

And you are started. Owning rental property can be a good business if you can deal with people. Here’s how to deal with deadbeat tenants, scroll to 6:50 if it doesn’t go there automatically:

The reason people don’t get into owning rental property is that the prole renters get the best of them — sucker them into letting them stay for a long time without paying, intimidate them, inspire misplaced pity. White nationalists are generally hard nosed and thus make good landlords, soldiers, policemen — the professions where you cannot imagine yourself the “nice” guy, where you have to be the “mean guy” sometimes.

We have to use our strengths, and being hard nosed can be a great strength. Someone like Al Chainsaw Dunlap. Hey, it beats the Turner Diaries scenario, doesn’t it?


I also highly recommend rental properties. When I did it, I mostly avoided having to be the “mean guy” by renting to people I knew from church. If you set your rent a bit below market, you can then be very selective about tenants. If you find them by word of mouth rather than advertising again it makes life easier.

Besides being able to deal with people, it helps to be handy, especially if you buy an older building.


I guess the difference in world-views can be seen in my own label ‘Southern nationalist’ and the one used in this piece ‘Southern White nationalist.’ I guess it would be much like comparing a ‘Spanish nationalist’ to a ‘Spanish White nationalist.’

Shaw Staff

Although I understand the writers point, he must realize that symbols don’t inspire like liberties, songs don’t inspire like opportunity and expressions don’t inspire like freedom. Without these three, all you have is symbols, and no one’s really going fight for them. Because in the reality, they’re empty. The moral? The future marketing is the key to change, not the past.


True- Symbols, songs, and expressions along do not inspire specific types of responses.

It is the context in which those artifacts are drawn which make them powerful. The energy which forged the definition of each symbol, song, and expression defines the manner in which those things can be used and the way which people can respond to them. It is in that way which symbols, songs, and expressions inspire action, and it is only by continued use of energy that the definition of a thing is refined or retained. THAT is what League of the South is doing, and it is because of their commitment to the strengthening and ownership of those things that people have cultural artifacts that they can call their own and use as modes of communicating culture and unity.

Paul Lovett

Although I am a native-born New Jerseyan I have an abiding respect for the Confederate flag because of the Christian symbol of St. Andrews cross it boldly and proudly displays- and the patriotism it represents for those who honor those who died to defend the Republic against the Communists who were in the ranks of the Union army.

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