America and its Military: Not our Friends

America's Dead. Let it go.

America’s Dead. Let it go.

Aldrich Ames was a CIA agent who–like a select others–sold their Nation out to the Bolsheviks throughout the course of the Cold War. In the 60’s, the kids were burning their draft cards and waving Viet Cong and Soviet flags in the streets while the system just sat back and watched it all unfold. They were castrated by their own design of “Freedom of Speech.” Aldrich and most of the other CIA traitors never considered themselves to be traitors and they didn’t sell secrets of National Defense due to political ideals or bitter grudges but because they needed the money. Next to a few die-hard individual Jews and stuck-up yuppie college brats, most of those card-burning hippies were merely following the trend to act out and bring a hippy chick home with a few stamps of acid.

The point is something had to have happened to make these people so alienated from their nation.

Back in the 40’s and 50’s you wouldn’t dare sell out your country as you felt a kinship to it and your own people, the small handful of traitors were Jews and not White Americans. No one except the small fringe of Jewish beatniks and their cadre of queers used drugs because they were seen–rightfully so!–by the American people as counter-productive and dangerous to building the traditional nuclear family and a healthy society. Now people feel a closer kinship to their immediate families and friends then they do to their nation. What changed?

First off, there is no longer any concept of race in the minds of Americans. The Nationalism we had was based on a clear set of social laws which segregated us with the White Man on top the Blacks at the bottom. Everyone had their own communities based on racial order and this was defended by the American nation up until the civil rights movement took off with Jewish and Marxist intellectuals brainwashing the youth. Until that travesty, the government rested on popular support of the people and actually defended them from Marxism at the peak of the Cold War. The state did not take adequate measures to consolidate their power by putting down the civil rights movement when it started. The State was hindered by its own liberal foundations and didn’t want to cause a major uproar so the states were left to fend for themselves. Without Federal support those Southern states were doomed.

As the civil rights movement and art movements of the beatniks began to rise on the backs of liberal traitors and foreign Jews during the Vietnam War, the trend in the media such as the Rock scene began preaching a new type of nationalism to a global state. “There is no race, there are no borders or nations!” They screamed and the pushiest and most fanatic of the civil rights and anti-war movement began to mobilize with people following them as it was the current trend. Again, the Government let this happen and left the states to their own devices. Kids were burning draft cards and waving Viet Cong flags in the capital, marching by the thousands and attacking the police who only retaliated out of self-defense and not because they were ordered too. The mess could have been put down if the Government had taken an example from the Kent State shootings, but they didn’t. In fact they demonized those National Guard soldiers.

As the war dragged on, the soldiers lost faith because they were stabbed in the back on the home front. Towards the end of the war the soldiers were using drugs themselves and veterans were back in DC marching with the reds. The soldiers were reduced to mutineers just waiting for their contracts to end so they could receive their pay.

Middle class Americans watched in horror as their own government violated them. The soldiers in Vietnam had felt betrayed by the people they were told to fight for and the system that sent them over seas thus making the military seem like nothing more than a job. Everything the Middle class had put its hope into died and the communists here marched onto victory, forever changing the landscape of American culture. No, they killed American culture and to this day pump their diversity, sex, drugs, and faggotry on TV.

The Army lost faith, the people lost the faith, the system let it happen, and we are living in the hangover. Today the problem continues, even though it can easily be reversed. The Democrats are always going to be culturally Marxist, college students will always try to be trendy, and diversity will always be on the television. This is only because implicit Nationalists are letting it happen. The Tea Party and the GOP will always bicker over these things whether quietly or loudly but their very “traditionalism” is why the cycle keeps going. They want to be traditional so they latch onto the very ideas that started this mess in the first place, their tradition is the Enlightenment . . . which only works in an industrial context, which is collapsing around us.

They argue for freedom of speech and assembly because they are too afraid to actually come out and admit that they don’t want those things for their opposition. They become victims and play the pity cards because they are afraid that if they go on the offensive that they will be shut down. They don’t make any real gains because some of them are ideologically compromised, others are confused, most are incompetent, and the rest try to play the “good-guy” kosher conservative card. If they actually got angry and attacked their opposition as race traitors and Jews along with their anti-globalist rhetoric, people would listen to them. They’re perceived as closet racists anyways. People want roaring lions and not sheep in wolf clothing.

They argue for capitalism and less government intervention in the economics but Capitalists have been profiting off of this moral degeneracy for 60 years now. They continue to outsource jobs and line the pockets of every politician in the White House and the right seriously think that the people they vote for are going to change anything.

This twin delusion ensures not only their perpetual demise, but all of our demise. Even if they came into power and dropped Affirmative Action, banned pornography, and ended immigration, they would not change the system itself. They would inevitably lose political power only to have their “progress” reversed. These right-wing types have no worldview and that is why they will never get their priorities straight. It should also be pointed out that, that is why Romney lost the recent election, and that is why the American Third Position changed its name to the American Freedom Party.

The failure to adapt to coming economic- and climate-induced catastrophe is only going to drive the final nails into the coffins of these patriotards. It’s quite clear that industrial society will break down. When it does, the term “American” will no longer be coherent . . . not that it’s ever been. I challenge any of you to give me a coherent definition of Americanism. At first you had to be Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Celtic to fit the bill, but then we let the Irish, Poles, Jews, and Italians on board. The Civil war ends, the Civil rights movement and ninety years later we bring the Blacks and Hispanics on board, twenty years later the homosexuals and the rest of the Third World. No one, from the Liberal bourgeoisie to the plebs, has ever been able to give a coherent framework to define our country or our state.

To have a real nation, you must have a homogeneous society with a set of ideals and values that grew organically. The only thing our founding fathers were able to give to fill these voids was money worship and a mantra of “freedom”; freedom to one is oppression to another. We champion Americanism as a melting pot of people who work hard to make a bunch of money to buy more stuff, and we’re all united under a sense of “liberty and justice for all”, but its all hollow.

Freedom to what?

Freedom from what?

Who gets liberty and justice?

What defines these terms?

. . . Whatever will profit the liberals the most.

When everything falls apart, money will be worthless. Gas and water will be the currency, and people will not band together for an old and dead system that has failed them. You will no longer have Americans; you’ll have racially loyal tribes connected to their immediate communities. No Americans, but White Hoosiers; no Americans but Alabama Brothahs; no Americans but Texans. You can break it down even smaller than that wherever you go and the more we tell people that they can be anything they want to be the more they want to be special little snowflakes. Why do people get sex changes? Why do white youth start talking and acting like blacks? Why did the Tsarnaev brothers all of a sudden just become Islamic radicals and bomb a marathon? People are looking for a sense of identity to give them a guiding foundation for their lives in a society that has thrown any standards out of the window, a society that has been nothing more then an economic administration zone.

Most if not all of the American, “right” hang on to a false notion of patriotism. With this comes inherent weaknesses, the biggest being patriots! No matter what they do and no matter how hard they try, they will always be supportive of the system! America was founded on economic control and that is how it will always be. The patriot being a capitalist supports the government through and through. They only differ on how they want to express economic power and that is the only difference between them and the liberals they always cry about. The liberal elite–and by liberal I mean all of the capitalists–will always cater to whoever can make them the most money. The government caters to them to keep control and stability, and we all know they pay lip service to minorities, cultural Marxism, whatever anti-White -ism you can think of because that is how they keep our people docile and inactive.

If the elite keeps pushing gun control, the people will be primed for action. Combined with climate change, peak oil, and the impending food crisis, there will be armed struggle and there will be an ocean of blood. The military at the hands of the elite will take charge to preserve the bloated corpse of a state that is trying to die. The military will not back us, especially with men like Dick Cheney in the mix. Soldiers will march for those who feed them. Most modern soldiers aren’t even joining out of patriotism but for the military bonus after boot camp and the free education. The biggest blow to the patriotic delusion will come when the patriots of the contemporary right realize the military is not on their side. Even if the military took control, they’ll never want to reverse the ecological doom that we face. They’ll either want to enforce their police state or do nothing other then what people in their camp have always done, cater to corporations. Any sort of democratic regime would only set the stage for the cycle of death to continue. The military are not our friends unless they desert it and denounce it.




Agreed on most all points presented here. Except, that it is wrong headed to go against capitalism. Don’t make the mistake in considering all capitalim to be globalism. And, what’s the alternative to capitalism? Socialism? Firstly, socialism is properly done through the church and not the state. Secondly, Americans (the designated audience for this article) can’t even conceptualize a positive form of socialism due to the “hunkering down” effect caused by multi-racialism.

Matt Parrott

Don’t make the mistake in considering all capitalism to be globalism.

Tribe and Tradition are both integrally obstacles to the pursuit of capital. Capitalism is always globalist, since it’s a universal abstraction. Capitalists and their enterprises can theoretically be anti-global, but only under the jackboot of a Traditional regime.

Firstly, socialism is properly done through the church and not the state.

Partially agree. The state must necessarily assist the church’s practice of Traditional Socialism. The state can help subsidize and support the national church’s adoption centers, halfway houses, treatment centers, childhood nutrition, education, and vocational training programs.

Secondly, Americans (the designated audience for this article) can’t even conceptualize a positive form of socialism due to the “hunkering down” effect caused by multi-racialism.

The “youth” in TradYouth is less about age brackets than it is about utterly abandoning the necessity of grinding our message into a paste and sneaking it into the middle-aged conservative dog food bowl. We won’t go out of our way to shock and alienate middle-aged American Republicans, but we’re not going to go out of our way to pre-filter our message to their liking, either.


I’m turning 30 this year, so I’m alright being middle-aged. I’m also in undergraduate college, so I’m alright being youthful.

Mr. Parrot, the co-collaborator in T. Y. N., Mr. Heimbach, has taken a staunchly blue-collar position and so, I’m taking the counter-balancing approach, being that I am a big proponent of traditional, formalist beauty and also, hierarchical leadership.

I brought up in the recent anti-capitalist article by the above mentioned “culprit” because I see a weakness in pursuit of the denigration of capitalism. The country I live in, the U. S. A., was begun with numerous contracts given to the Dutch East India Company, and also Anglo trading companies like Plymouth and Virginia which are described as “joint stock companies” ie. capital-“ism”.

So, when you write “Capitalists and their enterprises can theoretically be anti-global, but only under the jackboot of a Traditional regime.” I agree, they can and have been nationalist, in the interest of one identitarian particular. Using those above examples’ legacy, if capitalism is abolished, we lose that piece of past history as a foundation. Let us not undermine ourselves.

When other new media publications are already rallying against globalism , picking a fight with capitalism seems detrimental and unecessarily inflammatory. Many of today’s smartest youths are already considering their stock portfolios, studying I.P.O.s and itching for a piece of the action. The future should be painted as less S.H.T.F. collapse of the markets and more as positive revolutionary change. These same youths can still be convinced about the evils of globalism, undue foreign influence, and McDonald’s on every corner of the Champs-Élysées without the suggestion that pursuit of capital is wrong. (Start-up capital, working capital, capital everywhere in an accounting textbook)

Again, I understand that Mr. Heimbach may be going after the blue-collar demographic with this train of argument. But, I see it as wrongheaded and am, thusly, compelled to refute it. I want to agree with you, Mr. Parrot, and I’ll conclude by writing that nearly everything works better under the “jackboot” of a Traditional regime.


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