Traditionalist Youth Hour: Photo-Ops with Terrorists, Converting to Terrorism, More Terrorism, …and Organic Food

John McCain Palling Around with Terrorists




Is the reason people are against Monsanto’s genetically modified crops because of the big question mark it raises as far as long-term effects?

How should someone shop if they are concerned about it?

Thank you for your time…

Matt Parrott


Well, the long-term effects are certainly a big question mark, but there’s no question about their having less nutritional value, their having a more acute impact on the land and its ecosystem, and their web of subsidies and regulations warping the typical American’s diet off balance.

@Shotgun would perhaps be a better resource, but as I understand it farmer’s markets are a pragmatic way to start enjoying a more organic diet.


Well, my friend,

I don’t think that farmers’ markets are ever a BAD idea, you certainly can’t get fresher than that. But, I don’t think it’s so pressing as to deserve the attention of nationalists such as yourselves… Maybe, a task more fitted for the womanfolk?

For me, staying in shape with a bit of muscle-tone, is enough challenge. That, and SWARMing via

There isn’t better talking points than the ones demonstrated there (hint: use )

Good luck, everyone!


You don’t even have to go outside of scripture to find an awesome saint who has died for his faith. St. Stephen was stoned to death by a group of unbelievers in the book of Acts.

That is how much people who hate the gospel want to deny Christ and keep their heads buried in the sand. They can’t bear hearing the powerful, powerful truth. They would rather kill a Christian…

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