France’s Traditionalist Firestorm: Model for a Unified Right

France Gay MarriageThe common American view of Europe and France in particular is one that is soft and weak. While America was rolling through Iraq in an unconstitutional war, France decided that a better use for it’s blood and resources was better spent elsewhere. Across the country French fries were renamed “Freedom Fries” and expensive bottles of French wine were poured down the gutter in protest. Even a decade later it is common to hear in the chest-thumping American neocon circles about how the French people don’t fight. No gentlemen, the French fight, when the French fight however it is for things that matter.

The French right-wing marched yesterday against the legalization of homosexual marriage within the nation. France is the 14th country in the world to legalize sexual degeneracy on the same level of traditional Biblical marriage. Pushed forward by Communists and the Socialist President Francois Hollande, the French government has radically redefined marriage. The strength of the resurgent New Right however was in full force. The strong coalition of the Christian churches, nationalists, Identitarians, and assorted rightists marched together in solidarity against the homosexual marriage law.

The French media described the event as having close to two hundred thousand protesters, but the number was likely even higher. Judging by how the political elites function, if they are absolutely forced to acknowledge a protest against their regime occurred, they often under-count by a large margin.

One news source described the protest thusly. “Protesters from the anti-same-sex marriage movement converged in their thousands at the Invalides in Paris, while a more hardline demonstration led by Catholic traditionalists gathered near the Opera. Nationalist youth groups attended the latter demonstration, with one calling for a ‘national revolution’.”

The nationalists, Christians, and Far-Right groups worked together for a common goal to secure the existence of the French people and the Traditional European culture. Just as French nationalists who are not Christians join with the Church to honor the feast day of the blessed Saint Joan of Arc, this march shows how powerful the various factions can be when they unite together.

Reports from the rally indicate that members of all of the Right-Wing groups battled against anti-fascists, police, and gay rights organizers and worked as a unified front to defend one another from attack. Hardline Catholics blocked the way of police while Identitarians unfurled a banner off the roof of Socialist Party Headquarters calling for President Hollande to resign. Protesters wounded by attacks from anti-white thugs were cared for by Catholic priests and protected by nationalist football hooligans. While Americans can barely muster a protest against gay marriage, the French Right was out in the streets to reclaim their nation for their folk, Faith, and Fatherland. We should all take a lesson from this day and remember that united we are all more effective against a totally unified enemy. We must stop the circular firing squad that is the American pro-white movement and instead begin to work together.

How embarrassing would it have been if instead of marching together, the Catholics had fought the Identitarians and then been attacked by the nationalist football hooligans? We must stop slitting our own throats and march together, side by side, and reclaim our streets and our sense of united pride. United we will win comrades, and divided we will face the extinction of our people. The decision to unite together is up to you, what do you choose?


Matt Parrott

Hopefully we can organize a similarly large and powerful movement here!


One thing about the French is that they didn’t destroy their local agriculture/local economy to the degree that the US did. THe thing Americans despise them for — their “good living” caring about the quality of their bread, their cheese, their wine, their 35 hour workweek, — these things are apt to make them stronger for 21st century 4th Generation Warfare. Americans accepted shitty food, overwork, and all kinds of atrocities against our people and our environment in the name of “business of America is business.” So they are culturally and economically stronger on the level of ordianry people — they make their own cheese, they ferment their own wine. Because it is such high quality, and they get a premium for “French wine” and “French cheese” these things did not get commodified and taken over by Mega-Corp.

So don’t be surprised at strong French resistance. They are probably better suited to cultural resistance than to war. Everyone expects the French to be weak and cowardly; I see them as being more suited to cultural/economic conflict rather than set piece battles with Germany. And in 2013, effectively waging economic and cultural conflict is exactly what we need.

jon pressley

The backbone of the French resistance against homo “marriage” was organized through two ‘side groups’ of the Society of St. Pius X and SSPX priests. I had footage (its still on YouTube somewhere) of two SSPX priests fighting with French police to protect a parishioner being yanked around by them.

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