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"I Hate Whites"

Confederate Monument VandalizedDecoration Day came and went earlier this week in Dixie; or Memorial Day everywhere else in the country. What does this holiday mean and why do we still celebrate it? We are all told that we are celebrating and honoring the men who died fighting for America in wars both foreign and domestic. The troops of the Continental Army to those of the present day are all honored with barbecues, touch football, and of course the occasional shooting, as was seen yesterday when one of these parties ended with two dead and two wounded.

“It’s just a brawl,” the party’s host Sergio Botelo said. “It happens every other couple weeks. Somebody just pulls out a gun and starts shooting. There’s just some things you can’t avoid. [There are] people out there who can’t control themselves.”

Why is it that a day once set aside for the Southern community to come together to honor the fallen Confederate dead now has become just another excuse for simplistic cookouts and gang-banger shootings? The answer is simple: a changing nation and changing values.

Decoration Day was originally created in 1866, after the bloodshed of the War Between the States had subsided. The Southern people, though impoverished and reeling from the loss of the war, came together to clean and lay wreaths at the graves of our beloved fallen dead, to ensure that the cause of the Confederacy would not be forgotten.. Music of the South would be played by local musicians as countless flags were placed by each headstone. The local preacher would then generally give a sermon to the community after the memorial to remind them of our Christian culture and our Christian values. A community meal would usually be held afterwards where tributes to the Confederate cause were made, and the evening generally ended with a somber singing of “Dixie,” our national anthem.

"I Hate Whites"The organizations behind Decoration Day were based on the homogeneous society of the era. The Southern people had a similar language, culture, heroes, faith, and legacy of sacrifice to bind them together both in identity and in blood. Groups such as the Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) and the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) were born out of these early Decoration Day services. To this day, the UDC and the SCV work to preserve “the history and legacy of these heroes so that future generations can understand the motives that animated the Southern Cause.”

In 1967, amidst the radical social and demographic changes of that decade, Memorial Day was born. The former holiday to honor the veterans of the War Between the States was transformed into a day to remember the sacrifices of all veterans who gave their lives in combat. For generations now, there have been parades, speeches, and events to commemorate those who have died for America.

As time passes, however, the crowds have dwindled right alongside the ranks of the veterans. The monuments have begun to rust and are no longer given the funds to be repaired. Generations ago, those monuments were erected at the sites of titanic struggles, on courthouse lawns, and in communities all across the nation. Local residents and governments allocated time and money to maintain these tributes to a glorious past and worked on expanding the number of monuments.

Confederate Monument VandalizedThis trend, however, has begun to shift drastically. The younger generation of white Americans have been indoctrinated since the 1960’s to hate their own country. A hatred of the white men and women who built this nation is commonplace in the classrooms of public schools and universities. This deluded self-hatred is coupled with the changing racial demographics. Why would a Mexican immigrant want to forsake a larger welfare check in order to maintain a tribute to the country he doesn’t care about anyway? Most black Americans, Hispanic immigrants, and Asian newcomers do not have the blood tie to these men who Memorial Day is set up for as the prior generations of patriotic white Americans had.

The monuments, graves, and exhibits to honor America’s war dead are slowly crumbling across the nation. Just one example is the “Waikiki Natatorium, [which was] a salt water pool built in 1927 as a memorial to the 10,000 soldiers from Hawaii who served in World War I. But the monument’s walls are caked with salt and rust, and passers-by are quickly diverted by the lure of sand and waves.” The ranks of veterans willing to participate in these yearly parades are diminishing as well. The Memorial Day parade in one small town was cancelled because “there just are not enough veterans alive who are well enough to march in the parade anymore.”

While the ranks of soldiers fighting the endless brushfire wars increases, many are not participating in traditional veterans’ organizations and activities such as marching in Memorial Day parades. I do not doubt the bravery and gallantry of these men and women under fire; it is simply a reflection of the growing shift in American culture. The younger generations who have been brought up in the America of false promises, endless wars, unsustainable debt, and a betrayal of our founding principles and folk simply are not as patriotic to the modern America. And the question is: why should they be?

The soldiers who picked up rifles to fight for the original thirteen colonies were fighting for a purpose. The cause of liberty, self-determination, and protection from overbearing taxes motivated thousands of men to fight and die in the Revolutionary War. In the War of 1812, the nation fought to solidify her independence. All the wars until the First World War were fought with purpose and with an underlying understanding of who and what made up America.

Today, the nation is simply a multicultural economic zone. The beliefs of the Founders have been discarded in favor of a police state. The economic patriotism of the past has been replaced with free market capitalism that sends millions of blue collar workers’ jobs overseas. And on top of all of that, the American elites have opened the borders to our nation to make the land of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson into the land of Somali warlords and La Raza. For white nationalists, Southern secessionists, and Christians throughout the land, when we are lambasted for not being patriotic we must simply reply, “We didn’t leave America. America left us.”

The America of the 21st century is built upon the bones of patriots who fought and died for something greater than themselves. Now this America allows the cemeteries of its warriors to fall into ruin and their monuments to crumble. These patriots’ children are taught to hate their nation and their own flesh and blood. We no longer live in an America where Memorial Day makes any sense to a large percentage of the population. Immigrant populations, who have no tie to the Founders or the subsequent generations of white men and women who died for this soil, have no desire to honor the heroes of the nation they are pillaging. Indian and black populations who have been here for centuries do not want to honor the nation and people that they view as their oppressors and conquerors. Yosemite Park is one of dozens of national parks seeking to increase the diversity of the population attending the park. Without increasing the number of non-white attendance, the parks will shrink in funding and support as the nation moves towards a white minority. Park Service Director Jon Jarvis stated: “Parks must attract a more diverse slice of the American public or eventually risk losing taxpayer support. Yet only about 1% of the nearly 4 million people who visit Yosemite each year are African Americans.”

As whites slide towards minority status in the West, we can look towards the continuation of these trends. More graveyards will remain uncared for. Headstones and monuments will continue to be defaced by urban youths with no sense of respect or thanks for those who fought and died for the nation that they loot. As witnessed by the recent battle over the naming and statue of the heroic General Nathan Bedford Forrest in Memphis, Tennessee, when an area becomes majority non-white, the new population looks to tear down the memories of the past. History needs to be rewritten, according to the non-white community leaders. Heroes of white America are referred to as being criminals by the non-white political establishment. Each time the Confederate flag is lowered from a monument, a park is renamed, cemeteries are left to ruin, and monuments left to rust, it simply emboldens the Third-Worlders into looking for more ways to destroy white history.

Our modern generation must be emboldened as believers and defenders of our heritage and identity. No one has a right to take away our tributes to our fallen kin, and no one has a right to defame their legacy. This is not an endorsement of the current causes that American soldiers are called to fight for, nor am I aligning myself with Americanism. What I call every white American to do, however, is to be fervent defenders of our history. The memories of fallen soldiers are part of our identity. What makes up our folk is wrapped up in the buried caskets draped in flags. From the frozen soldiers of Valley Forge, to the men killed in Fallujah, regardless of the cause they were fighting for, they were one of ours. So next Decoration Day, I call every white American to lay a flag at a soldiers grave, raise a sign to their legacy, and remember that if we don’t defend our heritage (the good, the bad, and the ugly), the multiculturalists will eventually sweep away every part of our culture, until white America is simply… gone with the wind.


Decoration Day

[…] day once set aside for the Southern community to come together to honor the fallen Confederate dead now has become just another excuse for simplistic cookouts and gang-banger shootings? The answer is […]

john mariner

we must rise up in revolution against the traiters in public office and take our country back . the progressives have been working to destroy our country for 50 years, at least. our veterans were willing to die for their country,we must offer ourselfes up for sacrifice as well. if we dont, white people and white america are lost and we would deserve it. john mariner

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